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Whats the latest time youve cut clones from flowering plats?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Picks, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Not my usual method but just wondering
  2. Not sure never grew Plats...
  3. i'm about to take clones from a plant in its 3rd week. Its the latest i've done it so far......
  4. I usually don't take cuts from flowering plants but changed my mind on this one it's like the sixth week of flowering Though. - it may die or herm but I figure what the hell maybe I'll get lucky. Thanks for the response
  5. never, it makes no sense unless your clones died

    and then you are doing something wrong anyways so go ahead and take them in flower and see what happens
  6. I've taken them at harvest when my clones didn't survive. They seem to take about 50% longer to root, then depending on strain it's 1-4 week wait on reveg. Once they have roots hit em with a lot of light under 24hrs to help speed up reveg time. I think the time it takes to reveg is probably directly related to how far into flowering they were when you cut them.
  7. 12-14 days tops.

    you could take clones deeper in to flower but its just gonna take forever for them to root
  8. the plant has already started producing the proteins for flowering so you run the risk of the plant going herme or just keep flowering even though you already put it under 24 hour light - I would say its safe in the first 2-3 days but after that I wouldnt risk it
  9. [quote name='"leftkidney"']the plant has already started producing the proteins for flowering so you run the risk of the plant going herme or just keep flowering even though you already put it under 24 hour light - I would say its safe in the first 2-3 days but after that I wouldnt risk it[/quote]

    I've taken em as far out as three-four weeks. However I usually take one or two before I put them to flower. This post was not so much a "can I" post but a "what is the latest you have" post. Thanks for the reply though.

    @bongsauce wow, all the way at harvest. Now that's good to hear. Its been a few days and it hasn't rooted or died yet lol we will see what happens. I usually always get roots in 7 days. Ill give it till it either Dies or roots. Got plenty of veg room anyways. Doesn't really matter that much. Kinda more of a whim than anything else right now.
  10. it should be "can I" not "whats the latest" because you should never do this if you dont have to so they question should be "can I" - and IMO the answer is no, you shouldnt so there is no latest time to do it if you know its not a good idea to do it in the first place

    I know people who have done this with no problems and others that have had problems with them herme latter or never stop flowering - but no one has had problems like that doing it before flower

    I clone and wait till they root and are growing a little before it goes into flower if I dont have a mother - usually that means 2 weeks in gev to see if the clones make it and then flowering it which can be a problem if its getting big so you got to do it right when you are doing a prenuptial harvest like my uncle, its been strange getting the timing right so 1 plant comes down every 2-3 weeks and that means 1 goes into flower every 2-3 weeks and also gets cloned as well
  11. What if you have a really great strain in flower but you don't have any clones of it? Then is it ok to cut some clones or reveg the plant in order to save the strain? I'm just wondering....cuz I've done that before..and I'm just wondering if I should have just let them die instead.
  12. no that is fine, like I said you shouldnt do this unless you have no clones of it and you messed up or something like that

    or yea if its between saving the strain and it dieing off then sure - you can try to force it back into veg but there is problems that can occure latter down the road like herme a few clones latter due to the stress it got, so if someone else has a clone of it try to get that before doing this

    but there is a better way to do this when it is in flower - you need to clone using a tissue culture and take care to cut it from a good spot so that you dont get any of the pistols that could be forming the small white hairs on there - all you need is a really small sliver like a 1cm long slice or so, tissue culture cloning is not as easy but if you have the know how then its got its uses, as to get like 20+ clones out of a 1ft tall plant, or cloning in early flower

    the way that strains are "saved" is with tissue culture cloning, you can actually save a herme plant and turn it female by cutting only the female parts off the plant and tissue culture cloning them to get a all female plant

    also you can cross breed strains and if it turns out herme you can take the female parts out and be ok but this is more theory then fact since no one has really proven to do this
  13. I also read that issue of dank- tissue cloning seems pretty interesting. Haven't met or heard of a lot of people doing that though.
  14. my friend is the only one i know who does it, he started with a eaton labs tissure culture kit and then he moved on to a more advanced one when he got his phd in botany - its not that hard to do I have seen him do it, but what I was talking about saving a herme plant and stuff is more theory then actual fact, no one has tried it but there is no reason it wont work if done properly
  15. Yeah those tissue cloning kits are pricy - much more pricy than plain water and my diy easy cloner ;)
  16. I just took 6 from plants at 21 days into flower. That would be my max. I needed to do it becuase I have limited space (a cabinet) and don't have a place to keep a mother. That was the earliest I had time to make them so they didn't get to big before they are ready to go to flower.

    6 for 6 clones 21 days into flower, and they actually rooted successfully in about 12 days. Much slower start to grow though once in soil. At least thus far, this is the first time I have done this.
  17. pics?
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    I never take cuttings during veg :)

    The branching hormone that is heightened during bloom (responsible for increased nodes and the shortening of nodal spacing, eventually tightening and becoming what we see as 'bud') creates numerous, multiple branches upon being reverted back to veg.

    That being said, the latest I take cuttings is during the actual harvest, as I'm chopping off the mature buds :D It can be easier and more fruitful to root multiple cuttings, than to revert a single plant back to veg using the current root system and the shock of the new lack of above-soil growth. It's one way of determining whether or not a plant is a 'keeper', without wasting space on her clones, before you know just how good her smoke is going to be.

    The below are a few examples of cuttings I've grown out, which were cut during the previous flowering...

    (About two weeks from being cut; Notice how some 'node spaces' contain as many as four and five branches per node)


    (Taking cuttings at 20 - 25 days 12/12, allows for the fastest turn around; they are more easily reverted back to a vegetative state at this time, than if the cuttings are taken any later, or especially during the harvest. In conjunction with a very dialed-in environment, this can provide the below results in a 11 - 12 week growth cycle from cutting, to harvest.)


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