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What's the keef, smokin'? xD

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Napoli K, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. So.
    One of my trips to Amsterdam, when I lived in Italy, set me off to buy this really sweet keef box.

    For those of you not in the know...A keef box is, basically, a grinder with a little trap that collects all the crystals/whatever from shit that you grind up(not too sure on what words are/aren't allowed here). Those crystals/whatever are called keef.'s been kiinda dry here...Meaning that all I could get is schwag, but I have principles to live up to.
    So yeah...I decided to bust out my keef box after a few years of owning it...
    First time I ever decided to clean it out...and...woah...
    This keef is probably full of crystals/whatever from orange bud, skunk, northern lightsx5 haze, northern lights, white widow...basically all kinds of exotic bud that I smoked all over Europe.
    Anyway. This keef is bomb ass...

    Anyone ever smoked it?

  2. That sounds like some pretty fucking cool kief to me. You should make some hash out of it if you have that much :D
  3. Heh.
    If I had enough to make hash out of it...
    Do you think I'd be sitting here, talking on a forum?
  4. i usually sprinkle a lil kief on top of my bowls
  5. Mmm mmm, that sounds delicious! I love my keif, I tend to get alot on my scale, so every so often I clean my scale off and throw it on a small bowl, and lightly apply the flame, definately does the trick!
  6. you are correct sir...kief is infact the "bomb"...i find the finer grade kief is "the champaign" of my personal stash.
  7. after years never cleand and not enough for hash? bs .. should only take like 2 ounces and after all the buds u named u should have more than enough for hash!
  8. i think i speak for the masses....i would love to see a picture of this! i bet its amazing
  9. ye ^^ i can make hash out of kief from an ounce.

    and seriously... this is a weed forum. id say the majority of people here have smoked keif.
  10. no pics? wth

  11. exatly .. no way u didnt have enough for has man after .. 'years'

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