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What's the highest YOU'VE ever been???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shuckles, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Ok Seasoned Tokers! I know most of us just get pretty high now, but do you remember that good ol' time when you would seriously get "on your ass" baked. Like not even moving?

    I sure do.. This is gonna be a long story...

    So, I had just got done from a job that tested bi-weekly! I won't go ripping on any company, because I understand why they test, but yeah. I was totally sober for 8 months.. Yes, 8 fricking months. Before the 8 months, I was an avid smoker. Anywhere from a bowl a day to a few bowls a day.
    So, I had gotten laid off from my job, and a few of my buddies told me I should come smoke with them for the first time.
    Boy can I tell you I was anxious.

    We all chipped in around $20, I didn't chip in anything and covered the munchies for everyone, and we got Half-Oz of some of the dankest stuff I have ever seen in my life still to this day. Mix of a Trainwreck, OG Kush, Sour Diesel... We called it "Gods Lint". Amazingly fluffy, reallyyyy potent, and the greatest taste.

    So, we all get inside a bathroom. Probably 8x5.. Small bathroom.. There was 5 of us...
    I got first hit.. We had a straight tube 14" Roor bong, ice catcher filled to the RIM with ice, and a nice size bowl.. I packed that bitch like I was an avid smoker again. Put my lips to the rim, starting ripping, and before I knew it, I was full of smoke, and still had a MILKED bong sitting in front of me.. So I blew out and cleared the bong..

    Not even 35 seconds later, I was forced to lay down on my back by my friends.. I couldn't even stand up or look at anything.. I looked at the mirror in the bathroom and I could literally see my face like melting off of me. I felt like the stretchy guy off Fantastic Four.. Long story short, I ended up laying on the ground for over 4 hours totally baked out of my mind... I ended up doing 4-5 bong hits, and smoked a 2g blunt. I started smoking at 11 am on Saturday, stopped smoking around 2 PM, and wasn't sober until I woke up on Monday morning..

    I could keep telling the story, but I definitely wanna hear some of the other epic GC tales out there.
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    i was at camp bisco in 2007...

    it was saturday and STS9 was going on in 2 hours, I had been doing k all morning (had a G) and this guy came around with beans and doses, my friend wanted a couple of beans and I couldn't resist the L so I ended up taking 3 tabs and ate 2 beans. welllllll turns out it was very very good acid, and the beans were pretty decent too. I started tripping right as STS9 went on stage and my friend lit up a 1.5g joint of some variety of haze he found. the mixture of k, lsd, and e was intense but the sativa head high really threw it all into overdrive.

    I was so fucked up that I had an anxiety attack and had to be taken to the medical tent on the front of this dudes quad.

    As terrified as I was the whole time I could not get a huge grin off my face. Riding on the front of this quad all the way to the med tent was awesome. The headlights were between my legs and the sun was just going down holy shit it was epic. then reality struck once i got to the tent and I thought I was going to die. I stayed at that tent for like 3 hours, it was a bummer over all because I missed most of the tribes set.

    sorry- just re-read your post and you meant solely on herb. I'm a little drunk and that story took me for ever to type so i'm just gonna leave it up.
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    The highest I've ever been was at a party/celebration at my best friend's older cousin's. That night my friend and I picked up a quarter of Warlock, (supposedly the #1 strain in America) which was honestly the best medicine I've ever smoked. At a little "before-the-party" party, we smoked a nice sized blunt of it between me, my friend, and 4 other people who thought they had the balls to smoke it. Need I remind you, the other 4 probably didn't smoke as much as my friend and I had at the time, so their tolerance was low. The blunt went around the 6 of us twice, and at this point, the only two smoking it are my friend and I. Everyone else took a couple hits, coughed their lungs out, and went inside. We found them later glued to the couch, laughing hysterically, eyes redder than the Devil's ass. So, onto the actual party. We showed up, ripped a couple bowls out of a 15'' RooR bong with some pretty hot chick who got invited ,(she was HOT, definitely a 9.5 by anyone's standards) and after finishing a very lovely Marlboro Red, she proceeded to go inside and brag about my friend and I having the best weed in the galaxy, (need I remind you, this chick was absolutely destroyed and probably a little drunk) which caught the attention of my friend's cousin who was hosting the shindig. Between the three of us, if I can remember correctly, we took about 8-9 good sized doobies to the head, along with a couple Bud Lights and a few cigarettes. The after putting out the last J, I just remember dying, and I mean dying, of laughter, as well as the other two. We went inside because my friend wanted me to see my eyes, and vice versa. I can honestly say, I looked like a zombie. Eyes barely open, very, very dark rings under them, redder than the reddest red in the entire universe. I'm not a heavy drinker at all, so the alcohol did not, I repeat did not affect my ability to remember the previous night. Up until about 10 PM is all I can recall. The last thing I remember about how high I was I was sitting on a badass comfortable $2000 couch and having tunnel vision like a motherf*cker, and laughing so much to a point to where I had to lay down because I was getting the spins.

    Man, being stoned and describing things really makes you get into detail. :smoke:

    Hope you enjoyed my half-baked rambling fellow Blades! Off to Dreamland because I am torchedddd.. Peace.
  4. i was at this party in the smoking room with maybe 8 other people. This guy walks in with a couple ounces of this dankkkk dark purple bud with the intention of smoking as much of it as possible with us. The only time i've ever had to turn down another hit, after 4 hours of bong bowl ater bong bowl I finally hit a wall and couldn't move haha. Good night
  5. About 1924 i was a young Irishman killing sea whales with a a butter knife and I also wore tinfoil as a hat (kinda like one of those top hats) and my semen asked me to take a puff of marijuana. i was higgh
  6. I remember when I first started smoking when I was around 15, I would smoke with my older cousin. I already have a very low tolerance for the drug and as a newbie it would completely knock me off my ass but I remember specifically this one time we hot boxed this abandoned RV for about an hour, Im talking blunt after blunt. I walked outside to pee and was so confused as to how to take a piss, then I looked at the stars and thought with 100% certainty I was flying through space, then when I went back in the RV I layed down and looked back and was freaked out because everything was upside down, I thought the ceiling was the floor and I was on the ceiling.

    it was almost like a mushroom trip without the hallucinations.I miss those days.
  7. Uh... I'll tell you in about 10 minutes, because I think I'm about to go there now. :smoke:
  8. Hows about HAVING to lie down on the settee for half an hour TWICE the same night before going to bed?
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    Ok so I've got two stories but I'll keep em brief. First, last night. The fact that I said "give me 10 minutes" and it's now the next morning that I'm replying should be a hint, haha.

    Last night wasn't the highest I've ever been, but it was the highest in a long time. I had been on a t-break for just over 2 weeks. I decided it's finally time to start smoking again and see how much my tolerance dropped in 2 weeks. So I bought a gram of some dank. This stuff smelled so strong that even though it was in my pocket, I could still smell it. I was sitting in the student lounge at the college I go to, and I could definitely smell it on myself. So I got up and left. I was just waiting for the bus anyway.

    Fast forward to about 2am, just before I made that first post. I packed a bowl of this awesome skunky dank, and ripped that bong. I didn't milk it, but hell, I didn't have to. That first hit is what prompted my first post. After just one hit I was already "preparing for liftoff", so to speak. I knew only one or two more and I'd be gone. That was when I intended to come back and tell how I was feeling. Didn't happen...

    However, I can say that at one point my computer screen seemed to be waving and had some kind of pulsing effect going on. I've seen/heard some of the stories of people saying they felt like they were on shrooms or something, but I had never been there myself. I was skeptical. That changed last night. Three hits of this dank after a 2-week t-break was all I could handle. I was gone. Very pleasurably so.

    Now for the story of the highest I ever remember being. A friend and I had just chipped in to buy a bunch of fire. I don't remember how much exactly, but we had intended to sell a bunch and make our money back. This stuff had hairs like crazy, almost looked more orange than green from far enough back. We didn't know exactly how strong it was, so we packed a bowl and went to town. Then we packed another. And yet a third. It seemed to take a while to kick it, plus we were used to smoking up to 3 bowls on some nights. We should have slowed down, heh... :eek:

    Next thing I know, we were leaning against his mattress that was on the floor, and we both stared at the ceiling for like a half hour straight. Then we just kinda looked over at each other and I'm like "What... the fuck... just happened?" He's like "...I dunno dude. I'm way higher than I expected." We were zoning out big time. Then he asked me "You know what sounds awesome right now?? Ice cream!!" A grin was all I could manage in approval. He went and grabbed two smaller containers of ice cream (pints I think? not sure) and 2 spoons. We each ate a whole one to ourselves. I don't remember much else, but we were totally gone.

    Anyway, those are two of my stories. There's plenty other awesome times, but I promised to keep this brief and I ruined that like 3 paragraphs ago, haha. :laughing:
  10. Just banged 7.8grams of danks and a good amount of some OG hash the other night with another friend, all of our joints and bowls we hit was DRIZZLED with cannabis oil.
    that was the highest i've been off of weed BY FAR.
  11. We're the MTV Generation, we feel neither highs nor lows. What's it like? Meh.
  12. The highest I've ever been was level 7.:p
  13. Well I've never done anything besides weed but when I was first starting out I remember a few times where I was so high that everything felt like a movie or video game. Those were good times!

    I also had a minor freak out when I was a newbie. It wasn't because I was too high but I was so high that I was thinking all sorts of outlandish things and I became very paranoid and distraught. My best friend had to calm me down and remind me that I was just high. lol
  14. Half oz of dank shit for $80, damn. I want those deals.
  15. I would say the most ripped I've evvvvvvvver ever beeen would have to be when me and a couple friends cracked about 4gs of OG kush oil over some headband, with about 2gs of earwax in roughly 10 bowls in an hour. Needless to say I sat in a chair and stared at the floor for about 3 hours contemplating my life. Hahahaha.

  16. Well, one of the people was the dealer. So, we basically threw down $80 for a quarter, and he ended up matching us.. Afterwards we split it and still had around 3g's a person...
  17. two instances

    first was a few months ago. I was always an avid smoker, from 1-3gs a day. Then I moved and stopped for a semester school. then I got this good weed, and some hash. most potent shit ever. This was after roughly 2 months of not smoking

    I smoke four bowls of weed and hash in a row. Small bowls too, like on a metal bowl and stem in a pop bottle.

    I was baked as fuck. walked inside was like "whoa i'm stoned". got a drink, went to my room.
    My Dad came and talked to me, and sitting on my bed, staring at him at the door. was quite the site. my vision became brighter, more vivid, and it zoomed in on him and kinda moved around in a circle. It was more intense than my previous shrooms visual trips in the past.

    needless to say, I was fucked.

    Second time was on my birthday. march 31st.

    after that hash escipade, it'd been like a month. I bought a 18" straight tube with a diffused downstem for myself. and an oz of Blueberry Kush(for 160$, i love Canada)

    I invited my three best friends over to my house. We blazed that entire oz that night through bongs. and one massive 4 paper joint. with 3 grams of weed, and a 2g hash log in the middle. the joint was roughly 10 inches long.

    I was high for about three days. granted the days after it was basically a haze of puking sleeping and eating. The puking was caused by the most hardcore muchies anyone has ever seen
  18. The instance that stands out particularly for me was the first time I smoked a joint all by myself. I was puffing and at first I didn't feel anything, and then all of the sudden I could almost feel the air molecules caressing my skin.

    I lay back in the bathtub and time slowed to a crawl. Real sunlight seemed to be pouring down at me through the ceiling even though it was night and the bathroom had no windoms. The music coming from my cheap stereo suddenly sounded like it was being played by a top of the line sound system in an old stone cathedral with beautiful accoustics. My arms felt like they were floating, and when I opened my eyes, I was holding them in the air, but it felt like they were being supported by an unseen force, rather than me. I swear I was about to have an out of body experience, but I couldn't quite make it.

    I'm on a t-break right now because I want to feel that again so very much. It will be awesome, I know it. :hippie:
  19. So... right now?
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    The highest I've ever been would probably be 420 this year. Problem was, my friend was too much of a pothead to get to my other friend's house quick enough 'cause he'd shared a spliff with the dealer. Anyways, he got there at like 2 and I had to leave at about 5, so thanks to him I ended up going home pretty high and almost not getting on the last train home because I was sitting on the platform thinking I had to wait for the next one. Anyway, he rolled a 2g blunt with everything he'd got and the blunt wrap I'd picked up at the local half-headshop (it was a bit of a basic one, and it wasn't just a headshop). I won a $50 glass bong in a rolling competition on YouTube but I had no glass bowl, and this "headshop" only had metal ones for cheap bongs, so we had to make do. Anyways, I said to my friend I wanted to roll a blunt but there was no stuff left, so he ripped it in half and let me roll one. Pretty decent for my first blunt lol, so we started smoking that shit like there was no tomorrow. We put it in the bong (the first blunt fitted in the metal bowl's hole perfectly as it was a pretty big hole... yeah laugh it up) and I hit that thing so hard I coughed the shit out of my lungs in 3 huge breaths. I'm not a daily smoker and when I do smoke I don't take mega hits like that, so I was knocked off my cock. I had some money left over so we ordered some of the sexiest pizza ever and pigged out, then went into the garden to chill. The sun was out and it was even more beautiful because I was so stoned :smoke: so yeah, that was probably the highest I've ever been. Either that or the first time I got high on my own (almost had closed eye visuals and shit like that, although it was an uncomfortable high), but 420 won over that time.

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