What's the HIGHEST you've ever been?

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  1. So with me it was about a month ago, me and a few freinds has this idea to save up or money and all pitch in for some. Ended up with over a quarter pound of some good shit. So we all smoked...and smoked...then smoked lol. It got to the point where every hit when I held it..from 4-7 seconds it was like I was blacking out. But we kept goin. I dont even know how much later we were all bs'in you know life problems etc. but heres where it got wierd. That day we were all smokin in memory of our good friend who passed away. We walked in the RV with 3 people. But while we all were talking there was a 4th person puttin into our to our conversations. About 10 minutes later whatever was there just stopped talking, and slowly disappeared. we then noticed and all said was there a 4th person with us???:confused::eek:. So we didnt freak out. it was a calming...whatever it was. But it was almost like we were soo gone it was like we were in a different dimension, frequency.. To this day our minds kinda blurr the person that was talking with us. After the incident we continued to smoke till we couldn't move from our spots and eventually passed out...but we still didnt see it again. Usually I would think rationally and say I'm jus high. But no. the next day we all talked about the things he said and we all remembered...months later the memory faded. Maybe our minds protecting us from the unknown or maybe we just smoke too much to remember :rolleyes:. Haha anyways let me know yours!!!!
  2. The highest I ever been was my first time. A lot of people say you don't get high your first time, I did. I smoked 4 bowls of some pretty good stuff, can't really remember what it looked like, but it was sort of "sparkly" lol. But anyways, my sister and 2 of her friends smoked it with me. I got most hits cuz it was my bud and my first time.

    I kept hearing my voice come from like a corner or something. Everyone was laughing at me and I was like WTF!! Lol. I couldn't stop. So my sister was telling me to relax and shit. So I sat down on the couch just looked at the TV(it was off btw) and so, everyone got quiet as soon as I did. Then they all noticed what I caused and they all started dying laughing. Good times..
  3. I made my own QWISO and smoked it up. I could barely walk. Higher than anytime I was in Amsterdam.
  4. Back when I was in school, me and four of my friends went to my dealers house and we all matched on a gram of dank, than we all put in 10 more dollars and got a half o of mids and smoked it all......
  5. This summer i was camping with some friends, so were out in the middle of a forest and we just blazed..and blazed and before i knew it we were done liek 10 bowls lol, passed out at like 6pm and woke up at 10, had no clue wtf happned ahha
  6. I'd have to say the highest I've ever been would be any of the 3 times i overdosed and died from shooting heroin... Yep, thats gotta be it. You know its the highest you've ever been when it kills you.
  7. the highest ive ever been was maybe my 4th or 5th time and i just fell right asleep
  8. I have a few highest moments, icant really distinguish which one I was highest in lol.

    The first was thefirst time I smoked after almost 3 years. My roomate and some friends smoked an endless amount of bowls out of a steamroller. I was so high I thought time was moving slow and the fact that it was still light outside blew my mind. Eventually I couldn't physically lift the piece up anymore so I had to quit smoking. For some reason since I hadn't smoked in so long I was literally high for two days meaning I had to go to my job baked and make an hour drive to my mothers high with this torrential downpour. Not a pleasant weekend but that first night was good.

    Second time was after a 3 month T-break. Smoked several blunts with a bunch of friends who came to celebrate the occasion with me. We went on a walk and brought two pinners with us. Smoked those and I was so high I got dizzy and fell over. Then I got back up and fell again. My friends were all amazed and I was like sorry guys I can't help it. Then we walked through a bridge and it was dark and I got lost and dizzy and had to hold onto the guard rails and not move. It was maybe a 10ft long bridge haha. My two friends had to help me home by resting my arms around them lol.

    3rd time was last week me and some friends smoked a half of the highest mids I've smoked in about 4 hours. Towards the end we all realized we hadn't moved in 4 hours and that the garage was literally filled with smoke. (my roomate was pissed because he had left the hatch open on his 350z and the car reaked haha).
  9. 30 000 feet.
  10. i was once so herbally enhanced i could barely focus on fishing. yeah...
  11. took 10 bong hits in a row at a party...ended up being a bad idea, had to go lay down while people partied around me
  12. I greened out for an hour while watching a movie once. It was so intense, I couldn't move. But I felt so fucking good! :hippie:
  13. Losing control of my eyes resulting in Crossed eyed - after a 3 month t break and a personal of skunk to the dome, nothing compared to psilocybin
  14. Sophomore year of High School, homecoming night. So much dank, so many people. I was on a lot of other shit too though. But I fell asleep laying on top of my car looking up at the sky
  15. Me and these two guys met at our town football field. We always smoke there because it's very unlikely to be bothered unless there are upcoming games or practice. We have to hop a fence to get in or out of the area and that was fairly easy when we got there. We smoked two blunts of some dank, I mean dank headies! I don't know how the fuck to describe the feeling. I had never been happier in my entire life. I would just look up at my friends and burst out laughing until I cried so hard I couldn't breath. I was blasting some sublime with my phone and I swear it was better than sex! I was having eargarsm one after the other. So bomb. One of the guy had a sandwich that his mom made because we were suppose to be at school by the way. We all shared it and I have never eaten anything with such passion, such fucking love. The mixing of those eargasms, that mouthgarsm and just the overall high...wow, just fucking WOW!!!!... Then time came to leave but most importantly hop the fence! NONE of us could. One of my friend went first and kept falling back while me and the other guys were laughing sooooo hard. In between tears I kept saying 'leave me here cause there's no way I'm doing this'! Eventually after an hour or so we made it on the other side. Got everything on tape too. So that was on my best highs ever and one of the best days of my life.
  16. last night actuaslly. i got some super dank shit and i smoked the biggest bowl ever, oh and btw this is like my 5th time since a year break so i got no tolerence. anyway i was sooo fucking high i literally couldnt move my body, i was listenin to music, and my body was twiching like crazy like i was twitching everywhere and my mouth was makin funny shapes and shit without me actually controlling it. and i had some crazy insights about how the machines have started to become aware and i actually got in the mind of one of them and realized that the machines we are making are actually growing minds like some sarah conner terminator shit and then i realized all we are are just random electrical signals in some super computer and some matrix like shit was goin on. then i painted a couple pictures on paint on my laptop. and then i passed out. good ass night
  17. The very first time I truly got high off of Cannabis, it was laced with Crystal Methamphetamine, which was verified by a drug test at the hospital. That's probably the highest I've ever been, and it was far from enjoyable.

    I was rather young, has smoked several times before that and had never really had any effect from it, which I'm sure most of us experienced the first couple of times we smoked. I kind of had the reaction, "This is what all the hype is about?" So, naturally, I began increasing my dosage until I thought I could get something out of the experience; next thing you know, I'm a raving, psychotic, sweating lunatic being rushed to the Emergency Room by the local Fire Department at midnight.

    I don't think I smoked for at least another year after that.
  18. Last year I was hanging with a couple of friends and my friend J had about a .5 of some hash and we made this sick little bong out of a coke bottle (we had a real bong but my friend D likes to make improvised smoking apparatus for some reason) and filled it with ice. We loaded the .5 into the stem on top of a decent nug of some high seedless mids. The first hit was like an explosive cosmic orgasm in my brain. I heard this intense orchestral score and my vision clouded. my friends and I were laughing uncontrollably for like five minutes. My eyes were redder than the devil's dick.

    ahh the old days. When marijuana actually got me high.
  19. Okay so before I start, let me be the first say... I over did it. This was stupid, and a huge waste of my weed. But, its done and theres nothing I can do about it know. Synopsis at the bottom for you lazy fuckers.

    A little background: In case some of you think its cause I was a noob at smoking the bud. I had been smoking weed for about 1-2 years at this point, had not taken a t-break in like over 6 months, and was smoking 2gs a day, min.

    So I get home from a party, its like ... I donno 11? ( I had a curfew, joys of being a kid). I WAS ALONE. I decide I wanted to get supper baked, then go play some GEARS of WAR. So I turn on the TV, Xbox 360 and my sound system. Go up stairs to get my shit.

    I decided I should roll a blunt, since I had a fuck load of blunt wraps. I remember exacly what I but in to it. 3.5gs of dank, about one gramme of crystals(from my buster) and, well this is were I went over board, I had alot of hash(7g's of black hash). So I broke of a piece, scaled it out 2.3gs... crumble that shit up and threw it in. So thats 3.5g's of dank, 1g of crystals, and 2.3 g's of black hash, all in one blunt... to my head...

    I went out on my deck sat down, and started smoking ALONE. About 1/4 threw the blunt. I was fucking stoned. My memory starts to get a lil... "hazy" at this point. But what I do remember... 1/2 threw I was starting to think I should stop. 3/4 of the way threw, I was having trouble lifting my hand up to my mouth to take a hit.... But I pressed on.

    When I was finally done, I dropped the roach, and sat in that chair for what seemed eternity. Eternity turned out to be something like 2 hours when I finaly mustered up the energy to get up and go inside. (looked at the clock when I whent inside)

    I walked over to my bathroom, threw up into my toilet, getting more vomit on the floor then any were else. Walk over to my bed, turn on the tv, and laid down. I honestly felt like I was dying, every minute felt like an hour, I was having trouble remembering to inhale, and exhale, I eventually passed out.

    My dad woke me up the next morining. Flipped out about the vomit on the floor, the fact that all the lights in the house were left on, the door to the patio was open, and the fact that I left the TV, Xbox, and the sound systeme on. And he was espesially pissed when I told him it was cause I got super high and forgot about doing all that shit. And yes I had to cleaned the dried up vomit of the floor.

    Like I said in the begining , I fucking over did it. I would never do this again. The feeling of being that stoned sucked. I had i not been used to being high I would of probably thought I was dying, no really... it was that fucking bad.

    Synopsis: Rolled a blunt with, 3.5 g's of dank, 1g of crystals from my buster, and 2.3 g's of black hash. Then smoked it to my head. If you want to know how it turned out read my story...

    Anyway thanks for reading!:wave:

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