What's the highest you've ever been? Include a Story.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm generally new to these forums, and I'm pretty interested in high stories and whatnot. I'll start with my high story, and you guys can post from there.

    I remember it like it was last night (because it was). My brother, his friend, and I smoked some Lemon Skunk. We were outside, and smoked about 4 bowls before going inside to chill out and play some Dead Island on the XBOX. So we're sitting there playing Video Games when my mom comes in asking us to go to the grocery store to get her some stuff. The three of us grabbed the list and piled in to the car, when we realized; we were stoned. My brothers friend drives us about a mile down the road to the Publix.

    We get inside and it's like nearly empty, we're laughing at nothing, talking about how much of a new experience shopping high was. After about an hour walking through the store, we realized that we needed some celery, and it was the last thing on our list, we go over there and grab a little like 'plastic container' of celery, when this Publix worker just takes it out of my hand, and gives me a bag of celery.

    I just start trippin' balls thinking that the employee can read my mind. Later I found out that my brother asked the lady where the celery was.

    We got home, brought all the groceries in, and smoked the rest of the gram. That is when we got really blazed. We sat outside talking about video games, when I just felt like I fell. Like I was being pushed to the ground by some force, my head felt like it was swaying too. I walked into my room, sat down and just thought about how life would be as a zombie. On a high scale from 1 to 10, I was definitely at an 11.7.

    Needless to say, I'm gonna buy more Lemon Skunk ASAP. Let's hear some of your high stories people.
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    Highest I've ever been?

    Can't remember the highest, but I'd have to say every time I slam morphine is a good time. Use to do heroin, but not having to worry about re-occuring track marks feels good.

    EDIT: In no way am I suggesting you take up any sort of habit, it's not always fun.
  3. hah nice story. the highest ive ever been is when i "crossfaded" and got really drunk, then really high, with some older college kids when i was 16. the rule is you are supposed to smoke then drink. but i sucked at beer pong so i was hammered after like 2 games, plus i had no alcohol tolerance, and then we went and hit huge hits out of a gravity bong. please someone post if youve ever had this happen to you... after i did all this drinking and smoking... the guys told me to break up another bowl of weed...so i took the bag..and just stood there.. not knowing what to do. i was literally just so blowed that i couldnt even transform my thoughts to actions. so i just sorta panicked and told everyone i had to go to bed, cause i was just lit on a whole new level
  4. So, I was at my friends house right? Do note that this was about two years ago.. Anyway. His name was.. Daren. Darron. I don't remember how to spell it. Probably the first. Anyway, I go to his crib to spend the night and he gets me a FAT sack. Four grams for twenty bucks. Good ass middies. We roll up a couple blunts and I'm HIGH AS FUCK chillin' on my laptop, chatting to people and about ten minutes later I'm so high and then suddenly.... I was sober. I look to him and say, "When are we gonna smoke?" He then tells me we just smoked three blunts.. and I'm like WHAAAAAAAAT.


  5. :eek:

    Read the fuckin rules man. That's so over the top I kinda think it was trolling.

    Anyway, highest I've ever been was the first time I smoked a bong. In my friends garage and it was when he first got this bong. We smoked and I was so fucked up, I took like 10 rips and they exhaled on my face because they just like being dicks. I had my head in my shirt and I was just feeling so sick. Anyway like 5 mins later I had to go home so I walked home and walked around my house shitfaced and my dad thought I was drunk and I just yelled and went upstairs. Not a good time.
  6. the most fucked up ive been is when i ate half an oz of pizza toppings that shit was crazy and changed my life

  7. Pizza toppings? wut?

  8. u got that fucked off a gram? i envy you

  9. ROLF, how did it change your life?
  10. [quote name='"cronicdemonic"']

    ROLF, how did it change your life?[/quote]

    Because those type of pizza toppings are very enlightening
  11. It was just an intense experience and just kinda changed my perception on shit I just got so deep in my thoughts and actually lost touch with reality for a moment Id give the full story but no doubt thats pointless it will be deleted cause of the "rules"
  12. Made me lol. I can imagine how trippy that would be esp. with low tolerance.

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    Anyway highest I've been. It was my second time getting high, I was about 15. We had our school's athletics carnival on, but a few mates and I got a girl to forge notes for us then ditched it early. We walked a long way into the bush to this mini beach and waterfall that was so beautiful, it also was very rainforesty so it was like a mini tropical beach. We smoked a few bowls of this 'coke-laced' stuff one of my mates had while we chilled on the sand... in retrospect it most certainly wasn't laced, just really strong. We also tried to make a home-made bong to no effect if I remember correctly, and two of the friends kept thinking they heard Aboriginals dancing in the cliffs above us...

    So I had low tolerance, dank weed and 3 bowls of it in rapid succession. I got blazed. One of the friends I was with was also relatively new to smoking, whereas the other two friends had a bit of experience. This noob friend and I were just digging into this chips we had as we walked back- I remember looking at him, saying his name, only to have him turn to me, munching on chips like a cow on grass with the most stoned eyes ever, and turn right back without saying a word. It was so hilarious.

    Afterwards we went to McDonald's, had some more shenanigans and walked back to a friend's house to play Halo.

  14. I thought I was the only one who feels sorta sick after smoking a ton of pot. I smoked using a 'lung'. It was crazy shit.
  15. summer before 9th grade. july...2005? montreal, canada. 2nd time smoking weed. i was with 9 other kids my age. no parents, just two 21 year old college chaperones who loved to drink btw...we had to walk them home from the bar, lol.

    we picked up 4g's for $40 of northern lights [yeah i know, but i was totsally new to the game]....me and two other of the "campers" smoked probably half of it in like 30 minutes near our hostel on some stairs of a pretty huge building...when we got inside....o...m....g....

    we went to the lounge of the hostel, where there were like 10 compters, big screen tvs, playstation and xbox, pool tables, air hockey, foosball, etc. and of course plenty of food. i was just....so fucking high. like i dont even know. i literally felt HIGH like i was up. flying. floating. the floor looked like it was a bowl.

    then we went up to our room, and zomg. i went on my top bunk, and the other dude was like. standing on both of the beds, kinda trying to balanxce, but he fell on one of the other beds, and some little nerdy kid that was with us that didnt smoke or drink, said "AHHH dont make it fall on me!!!" and i just started CRACKING the fuck UP. like i could not stop laughing. i was crying and holding my side. then the other guy strated. it was just fucking amazing. good good times....
  16. Yeah, a gram of good shit. I mean, mids won't get me fucked up unless I smoke like 3+ grams.

  17. I've got a pretty low tolerance, I'm new to Marijuana, and glad I smoke. :smoke:
  18. The highest I ever got was when I mixed some pot with some shisha in the hookah. Smoking by myself, in my room, I got hungry so I went downstairs and put some leftover enchiladas in the microwave. Shit, then I had this rush and laid down on the floor. Then I fell asleep for about 45 minutes. I woke up and couldnt see. It wasnt black but just SUPER BLURRY. I didnt even grab the enchiladas out. I felt my way to the couch, turned on the tv and thankfully the fresh prince was on so I listened. After about an hour or so my vision came back. THAT was the highest I ever got.

  19. So I have no idea what shisha is, it was probably the reason you couldn't see and shit. But it sounds like you got pretty high man. Keep smokin'. :)
  20. its just flavored tobacco, what they put into hookahs. That was when I first started smoking on the reg.

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