Whats the highest youve been on the smallest amount of bud?

Discussion in 'General' started by The Rolling Stoner, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. I've gotten fairly baked of a nice bowl of big Buddha cheese :)
  2. I smoked a piece of spice (the strain) just small enough to plug the hole at the bottom of the bowl once..got about 3 good hits and it got me ripped
  3. I smoke a little tiny qty shit last night and almost got lost driving home. I only live 2 miles away! That was some pretty tasty and confusing bud!
    I had to sit in my car for a couple minutes just to figure why I was sitting in my car! That was like, oh shit - I'm wasted! Oh - and I think I saw a rabbit ot bear or something over to the left, back in a field, too. That was awesome bud. Wish I had a bout a ton of it. 
  4. super high off super little amount
  5. Came home from school and hadn't smoked in like 4 days, took 1 milky ass pisser toke and I was falling up the stairs trying to get to my bedroom.. But it was fun!Happy toking ✌️
  6. I got pretty high off some tree I found in a container in my car yesterday. Don't know what it was but it was just enough for a bowl in my bubbler.Sent from my SM-T217S using Tapatalk

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