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Whats the firest shit uve ever smoked

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hazehandler420, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. The firest shit ive smoked was sum grand master kush what about you
  2. hmmm, some no name DANK that i picked up last year. easily the best shit ive ever smoked by far. the bud looked red, was completely shiny, covered in crystals, dense as hell. and 2 grams for 20 bucks :D
  3. superskunk in amsterdam

    the skunk #1 strain beefed up with a variety of steroids and genetic engineering.
  4. damn that sounds fire as hell
  5. Purple Master P
    707 Shiva
  6. the dankest shit i have ever smoked was some pink haze my dude got it was super intense and when i exhaled it tasted like straight fruity pebbles it was so good

  7. You have no idea man, imagine mixing trainwreck with silver haze with sour diesel with white widow and youre still not even close.

    We ended up sitting on a stoop of some random house with masses of people walking by while we were laughing and crying, yelling to eachother about funny stories. Afterwards we went to a coffeshop and laughed at the dutch commercials and the french guys with capri pants.
  8. Northern Lights

    or this stuff I picked up from a friend.

    Both were great.
  9. love potion is pretty damn sick too
  10. Grandaddy Purp

    in a 2 gram blunt that we had to crack open halfway and smoke in a bowl cause the resin clogged it up.
  11. #11 Lebowski, Feb 8, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 8, 2009
    This was the most amazing i've smoked, master kush backcross (grower created an original MK pheno that he named silk):


    I dont recall the effects, I do recall it being rediculously potent.

    Hahah, resin clogging the blunt, thats funny.
  12. A fresh ass bud of sour diesel :D
  13. NL #5X HAZE was great sativa indica cross awesome sativa high but the come down was debilitating only good to smoke b4 bedtime
  14. Locally grown Sweet Island Skunk, all I smoked for the most part for over a year it came around every 2 weeks on the dot and was FIRE. Every batch was really good, same grower each time.
  15. shit i actually have two herbs that are the best ive ever smoked DUMPSTER
  16. You know its good when even the stems have crystals on them!

    And best iv smoked is Gran Daddy Purp
  17. damn that shit looks yummy
  18. the finest was probably either some nebula, although i didnt like it too much cuz i bugged out on it, or some kali mist. i think the kali mist though.
  19. Why, the Milf Weed of course
  20. i forgot about when i got hold of some trainwreck x ww and got blazed as fuck off of that

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