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Whats the fattest nug you've ever seen?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GolgiApparatus, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. The fattest nug i've ever seen was 19.1 grams. Geez I felt like i could str8 hit someone in the head with it
  2. Fattest nug of dank i've seen was like 38g.
  3. fat nugs around here arnt usually dank lol.. but the biggest nug ive seen personally was 21.5 ish grams
  4. Only time we ever threw a big nug was a bud of really good stuff. It was only like 12 g or something though but still, I was impressed haha.

    Seen a lot of mids condensed into a nug that are probably closer to what you guys are talking about, just, never scaled them.
  5. ive seen tons of compressed bud that weighs alot. but when im talking 21.5 im talking mids but not a bunch of compressed mids buds.

    good bud usually sticks around 1-6g's over here nothing more that ive seen
  6. Biggest I've seen is when I've bought an oz once and got a 25g ball that was a single massive bud. :smoking:
  7. fattest nug ive had was like 23 grams it was mids. but ive seen bigger
  8. biggest nug i saw that i actually weighed out was only 10 grams, but it was some good shit haha:smoking:
  9. Like 15 or 16 grams. Good shit, man.
  10. 12g of some super silver haze
  11. 8 gram nugg :(
  12. 14.7 skunk nug
  13. It wasn't mine, but my friend picked up a QP of Bubblegum, and there was a nug that weighed just under 2 oz.
  14. 13.8g nug I had just recently of Jack Herer. Some extremely good bud

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