Whats the difference?

Discussion in 'General' started by Kimborasta, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. MDMA...MDA
    whats the difference?
    i know MDA is suppose to be addictive.
    Are they chemically similar?
  2. Theyre both very similar synthetic drugs with a molecular meth slapped in front of their names... MDA is just an offshoot of MDMA and is oftentimes sold under the claim that it's ecstacy...no huge difference

    Both are physically addictive due to the way they create a dependency in the receptors that use seritonin and epinephrine...the speedyness to the drugs dcreat a tolerance thats not significant, but does exist
  3. you do seem intelligent my freind, but i have to dissagree on the fact that MDMA is addictive.
  4. then how do you explain the terrible tuesdays?
  5. comedown... mood swings something you have to go through. its not an addiction
  6. ok, and how do explain the physical changes it produces in the brain?...
  7. haha, just because you or your friends dont think they are addicted, doesnt mean it isnt!

    there are a lot of people in the world who are.

    plus, nubbin knows his shit.
  8. both of the above forementioned "symptoms" constitue an addiction....a comedown period where the body negatively respondes to the use of said substance, and the physical alteration of syntaxes in the brain due to the use of the drug...

    ..like I said in my first post, although it doesn't produce crack-like cravings in the majority of its users, MDMA is somewhat addictive, and to believe otherwise is just denial...im not saying theres anything wrong with it being addictive, shitloads of everyday things are, so dont take me saying so as some sort of way to demonize ecstacy either...
  9. Addiction is personal just like tolerance,I've tried many drugs and am addicted to one. My addiction is adrenaline,I think if you have an addictive personality (weak willed) anything can be a problem,chocoholics,fast food junkies.
    I chose my addiction myself so I suppose it's not really an addiction so much as an obsession.
  10. mmm....coffee....must have coffee...

    erm, sorry...

    Nicotene is a bit more addictive. It's either -as- addictive as heroin or -more addictive than heroin.

    And speaking of addictions, did you folks know that there have been studies with the plant Iboga, in which they are theorizing it literally breaks all of the addictive bonds in your brain and resets the receptors that bind to them?

    Pretty groundbreaking stuff, I think.

  11. yah, i saw that on CSI a few weeks ago. cool shit.

  12. how cool is that... do you know what that can mean....
    heroin - virtually NOT harmful...
    its only addiction which makes this drug very negative. other than that... not that much harm... just like smoking pot.
  13. I just found this forum.. some how I was locked in just the growing forums. Did I hear a bell because I'm about to take you guys to school.

    Seriously, this is the dumbest thing that I've heard in a while. I'm going to try to clear some things up for you. I grew up real ghetto and I used to deal out the ass. In growing now to relax and try to get my head straight, this is me taking it easy.

    Herion is the worst drug ever. EVER. There are very few drugs that you shoot and anytime you put a needle in your arm you're putting your life at risk. Shooting herion is almost as dangerous and getting your revolver and playing russian roulette. If you miss your vain you may need an amputation and if you're too late you may die. Now here's a little about to effects of herion.

    As soon as you shot up you instantly fall head over heals into a stuper. You feel like your in a drunken bliss. Every part of your body feels wonderful. The sky is beautiful, nothing is scary, everything is PERFECT. The basic feeling is that you just shot yourself in to the heaven. The high is heavenly and you never want to leave.

    Once the buzz starts fading puking happens most the time. Buts is weird. When you're drunk you puke and it makes you less drunk of feel worse. When you puke on herion it makes you buzz be lifted a little bit back up. Simply wonderful.

    Now when you're really coming down you'll get the coke shakes and start jonesing like a motherfucker for more. And if you get more, chances are you'll shoot to much while high and have no fun what-so-ever, or o.d. and die.

    Now when you eventually come down (usually run outta money). Your body aches. You hurt without it. You want to be where you were. And mentally you want to go back to that mentalitity of the perfect world. And the more you do, the harder it is to quit.

    Herion is not some bullshit drug. I don't care what you've heard cigarettes are way easier to quit. And herion is the worst drug ever to get off of. With coke you just have to chill on it for a while (like a week or two) and you're on your way. Herion stays in your system a lot longer so it takes longer for your body to be completely rid of it. Which makes in way harder to quit.

    I've lost 3 close friend to overdoses. So your "heroin - virtually NOT harmful..." statement is offensive to me. If you don't believe herion is harmful, get a hold of 40 dollars worth of black tar herion (well it's 40 here) cook it down to where it's a really dark brown and about 80 units. Shoot that into your arm, plush the plug, and I gaurntee that before you can get the needle out of your arm, you'll be well on your way to death. Unless somebody calls an ambulence for you quick you'll die. Seriously, don't fuck with herion. I don't even know you, but for real, nobody should fuck with that shit.
  14. MDA-This term is thrown around more with acid than it is with xtc. I don't know much about the technicalitity of it but generally speaking it's an acid type thing.

    MDMA-This is a term generally thrown around with xtc. And it is an ingerdient in xtc. Here's the problem with x.

    You never know what you're getting. Most x pills are described as being "cokey" or "smacky" and there's a good reason for that. Most x has opiates or cocaine in it. Some x has meth and or k in it. The "hype" x pills are obviously cokey and the "roll" pills are more opiate based. These are just some of the drugs in x.

    I remember when x was first starting to get big here, I saw a report where some of the pills had 500 plus drugs in them. So what the fuck are you really taking? You never know with x. It's a shot in the dark to what you're going get and every time it's a gamble.

    Plus I used to have some buddies that "made" x. We were teenagers at the time and other teens were paying like 20-35 bucks for a hit of x. Well anyways my buddies would buy like 3 or 4 ballons of herion and make 8 hits of x per ballon...... Basically all they were doing was putting 5 dollars worth of herion in a pill and selling that pill as xtc for 25 bucks. And people loved them and said it was the best roll ever. They were hooked on herion and didn't even know it.

    Basically you already read that crack is coke that's cooked with baking soda. But the realitity is that you use about 1 part baking soda to 2 parts coke. After the cooking process that I won't get into right now, the coke has become a hard substance that's broken in to chunks. These chunks "rocks" are sold on the street to junkies.

    The reason why crack is more expensive when though it's part baking soda is because it's an impluse buy. Have you ever walked into a gas station and bought a really cool lighter just because you saw it, it was cheap, and you wanted it? You didn't go in the gas station to buy the lighter, you just saw it and thought "what the hell?... why not?" right? Well that's exactly the concept of selling crack.

    Somebody goes to their crack dealer and ask for a 30 they see what might be 10 dollars worth of coke cooked up into 2 small rocks. But they want it. The high is so intense that they have to have it. So they buy it and they stay jacked up for a little bit longer. And if they want to stay jacked then they have to keep getting screwed out of their money. And they'll do it all day long...........

    And it doesn't take much to be a sucessful crack dealer. People buy it like it's the last bit of it ever made. If you can cook it yourself you would not believe how much money can be made off a oz of coke.....
  16. well that was some lecture.
    but i still KNOW that heroin isnt the harmfulest chemical if it wasnt for addiction. iam NOT saying heroin is something that you can keep control. (if heroin isnt bad... then what is)
    iam talking about that chemical which can stop addiction thats all.

  17. shorty you're almost right in what you say..almost..

    heroin is a horrible drug yes..but you show me how you came to the conclusion that mainlining methamphetamine is somehow less destructive than a little smack?...cuz it isn't

    MDMA..an ingredient in xtc?...no friend..MDMA IS ecstacy (methylenedioxymethamphetamine)

    MDA is much more closer to ecstacy chemically and tripwise than to acid..

    crack is NOT cheaper than cocaine, and you're impulse buy theory doesn't prove otherwise, it just shows that some people are weak willed... the fact that smoking crack requires less of the drug (yes i know the high lasts much shorter, but its also more intense) and three times the product weight is produced after cooking a batch of sodium bicarbinate and cocaine means THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT you started with....

    plus, nictoine IS a very addictive substance..nobodies arguing that its not as DEBILITATIVE as heroin, but addiction wise its right up there friend... added to the fact that cigs are so fucking asy and convenient to buy anywhere in the world then you have an issue not only with addiction but with eay supply and demand...makes simple sense...


    heres a rough estimate concluded by the schaffer library of drug policy...as you can see, heroin is ranked a mere 80 compared to a half dozen or so drugs ranked higher...inlcuding nicotine, which is 100

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