What's the difference between a digital and a regular ballast?

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  1. So I'm saving up my money to buy a grow light from HTGSupply and I've noticed that they also offer light systems with digital ballast. From what I've gathered from their website, digital ballast use less power and put out more light. I plan on using the light that I buy for many grows so I'd like a to get a light and ballast that will last a long time. So is a digital ballast really worth the extra $100? Thanks.
  2. And they give off 0% sound too...
    If you have the money,you can't go wrong....good luck
  3. er, be very carefull with ur choice of bulb m8 if u go for the digital ballast - some 400 & 600w digis are incompatible with high output bulbs like the grolux & sunmaster range due to them having a much higher ignitor voltage than standard bulbs.

    lumatek ballasts for example will not run supersunmaster hps bulbs.
    U need to get the seller to test ur choice of ballast & bulb before u buy.
    If they won't do that for u or if they say B/S then shop elsewhere.

    Not only this, but digital ballasts emit radio waves that interfere with fm frequencies & have been known to cause busts after ppl complained of radio, tv & broadband interference :eek:

    the only digi ballast i know will run sunmaster is this http://www.theonlineelectricalwholesaler.com/catalog/products.php?cpath=88_328

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