Whats the difference between a bong and a bubbler?

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  1. Does a bubbler give you cool hits just like a bong does. Reason why i want a bubbler is because bongs are too big to carry around and i still live with my parents and they don't approve of me smoking weed.
  2. Bubblers can give hits as cool as some bongs. But usually from my experience bongs are the way to go for a smooth, cool hit.
  3. Depends what kind of bubbler you were going to get. Bubblers can range in size quite a bit.
  4. Bongs usually have a large opening that your lips fit inside and bubblers have smaller mouth pieces
  5. Bongs force you to inhale deep and big hits. This isn't so with pipes, bubblers, joints or blunts.
  6. a small/cheap bong and a bubbler will hit about the same.

    though, once you start comparing good bongs to bubblers ... there is no comparison.
  7. This. The distinction is determined by the mouthpiece.
  8. Bubblers are hand held water pipes. Bongs are bongs usually with the angled stem and chamber with a neck.

    Bubblers can be hammers, sherlocks, and everything in between.

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