What's the diff between curing and drying

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  1. Ok ive heard these two things to do but not sure if i am

    supposed to do both one or the other or what. First I heard

    you chop down the plant and put it in a damp cool

    environment like a closet to dry. then i heared about curing

    where you put your plant in a air tite jar for some amount of

    time airing it at the end of the day and moving the buds

    arounde. well will someone give me defenitions of these

    things so i now which and/or what to do. by the why im in

    hell, i mean california
  2. first u have to dry
    getting the majority of the water out of the leaf and bud.
    if u have a stem of buds, u should be able to easily crack on of the buds off the stem. if it bends even a little before breaking...its not dry yet. let it hang around in open area.

    then when its dry u cure it. curing it is a bit like simmering in its own juices. not just drying but getting to a consistancy that is good for ur bud. and yes u have the idea, jar and open every few hours. so as not to mold.

    here is what i do.

    first i let it hang around for about 2-3 weeks till dry. i then pack it into plastic tupperware. and stor them upside down on each others lids. every few hours, i open them one by one...air them out and reclose them and back on the lids. i do this till that 'hay' smell leaves and u just get the fragerant aroma of MJ. maybe 5-10 days depending on humidity and what the bud was dry to begin with.
  3. fyi, im on my 6th day of curing.

    i let it very slowly in a colder enviornment dry for a long while and it was good and dried, but not dryer than sand.

    ive then in these plastic tupperware and seems to be going well. i opened them thismorning and they are barley 'hay' smelly. maybe 2 more days.

    so that is a cure in 8 days.
  4. froggy do you find the tuperware dishes o.k.?........i found mine not to be airtight, and had to switch to a jar, with a kinda steel lock down on it.........Peace out.......Sid
  5. tupperware...they have to snap shut
  6. don't think mine were the greatest right enough, i could press down on them and the air would come out the sides.......lol......Peace out.........Sid

  7. thats right some do. its so they dont explode in your fridge if your food goes bad.
    the idea is to have less air pressure in the box than outside.
    it will not suck air in.
    once sealed press in the middle of the lid and lift a courner.
    air will escape.
    then snap the courner shut.
    my mom sold tupperware in the 70s so i know this.
    if your box can suck air in and out then its either wornout or a very crap make.
    i have tupperware thats over 30 years old and still works as well as the day it was made.
    even if the plastic has gone misty.

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