What's the deal with the East Coast?

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    I know D.C. is located here, where the majority of corrupt lawmakers congregate. I know the D.E.A. headquarters is here. I know traditionalists are anchored here. I know a significant number people who reside here are more set in their ways and less open to new ideas. But I would like to know just why it seems the east coast is less inclined to consider decriminalization, industrialization or legalization than the west. These don't seem like legitimate reasons to shut your eyes, close your mouth, and cover your ears.

    As it stands, NY, NJ, OH, and MD have all made modest efforts (at best) to alleviate penalties for medical patients and their use of marijuana. Yet, somehow, Pennsylvania (right smack in the middle) refuses. Why?

    Look, I understand that California is a central "hub" for this type of progressive movement, but it just doesn't make much sense. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Am I missing something?
  2. Why is the South so against abortion and gun control?

    I dont know
  3. what you need to do is look at the history of the state. for example Ma was founded my Mormons therefore there all kool where were as MD and Virgina we founded by people who just wanted to make money, so there not chill. thats my theory
  4. Those who traveled out west are more inclined to think in new ways (coming from someone who has lived in Florida his whole life). Think about it, if you're willing to move to a far away land, that means you are less likely to be set in your ways and therefore more likely to be open to ending prohibition.

  5. I kinda figured this. Most of the people who moved out west in the 1800's did so to get away from the stifling atmosphere of the eastern states and sought more freedom and open range. But that was a long time ago, and since then we've become more united as a country. I dunno, it all just seems so scattered to me, that's all.
  6. I always wondered why new york of all places doesn't have medical mj
  7. Religion.

  8. Yes! NY City alone has some of the most open-minded people among the entire coastal region. You'd think if any movement or influence were to originate anywhere around these parts, it would be there, much like San Fransisco did for California.
  9. PA is a fucked up state. In PA, you can't even get beer the grocery store or whatever like you can in most states. You have to buy from a distributor, and you have to buy by the case. Its been explained to me (some years ago so I might have this all wrong) that the differences in this state vs. others is that it is a commonwealth. Another state that is a commonwealth is VA. Now the problem with the commonwealth is that aside from electing reps., the public has no say. I've lived in PA for years and there has never ever been a state wide initiative on the ballot to be voted on. Only reps. And in the criminal prosecution world, its a bitch. n most states if there is a fight, the parties usually have to want to charge eachother with assault for anything to happen. In PA, the state can charge people for much lesser crimes than in other states. It sucks.

  10. You've hit the nail on the head, dude. My parents moved here from Maryland when I was only 6, and I'm stuck here until I get the money to move out. It isn't fair at all what goes down in this state, and I wish more people were aware of how few rights we Pennsylvanians really have. It's bullshit enough that I can't walk down to 7-11 and grab a beer on a rough night, but even more so that I get raped hard by the law when caught with one small joint. PA blows.
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    Mass was in no way shape or form founded by Mormons. The Mormon religion didn't even exist until 1805, almost 30 years after America was already a country. Mass was founded by the Puritains, a group of people who were so uptight and rule crazy, the English kicked them out.

  12. word boxy brown. word. and how uptight do you have to be for the english to kick you out! And here we are.....

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