What's the coolest thing you saw someone else do in highschool?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mogwai, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. I was thinking back about highschool and remembering all the shit my friends and I did. I'm sure most of you did some fairly memorable stuff in highschool, but then you've also got memories of things other people did. I thought maybe we could get some cool stories sharing memories other people made.

    I remember this one guy who was one of my best friends in school, and he was probably the most intelligent guy by far in our grade. But he fucked around a lot in ways more subtle than others. There was a class asking for short stories to be presented, and he did a tale about a duo named Hot Carl and Dirty Sanchez, who traveled the country by a train named The Cleveland Steamer. The teacher was oblivious to the references.

    Another friend, towards the end of a school year, went outside the art classroom where they had these huge black and white portrait of people with different facial expressions. There was some Asian chick picture, and he drew a big curly mustache on it that the staff just left up. The art teacher was beyond pissed, which made other as funny as it was.

    There are plenty more I'll share later.. but what's the most memorable shit you saw others do in school?
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    a friend of mine stole a golf cart and started a riot

    Suspensions, arrests at Vintage High

    lasted like three days i think

    this black kid even knocked a cop out lol

    also this


    my ***** was like "my patna is gonna run out there in a gorilla suit and chase this guy in a banana"
    i was like mannnn you trippin i thought he was lyin. he did it during the annual 'big game' its one of the most heated high school football rivalries in northern california
  3. This happened not too long ago actually. Only 2 years

    Went to a warehouse rave on a wednesday night, with school the next morning. Took many unmentionables that night. Anyway, it's about 6 AM, and me and my 3 friends I drove up there with decide we needed to leave so we would have time to get to school. After the almost 2 hour drive, we showed up 5 minutes before class, still tripping our asses off. My last "dose" was about 4 hours prior, and I was in for a hell of a day.

    During first hour I was talking to my history teacher. He told me he knew what was up, and that I should call home sick. Well I left his class to do that, and ended up completely forgetting about that and wandered the halls until I heard the bell ring.

    The rest of the day I continued to answer every question a teacher asked me with either "yes" "no" or "maybe" Needless to say my teachers got really pissed lol.
  4. Well, considering High School was almost 25 years ago, there isn't much I do remember, though I'll say this - playing "Maze Wars" on 25 linked Mac SEs in 1987 was definitely a highlight.

    Oh and also being able to log into the educational version of Darpanet didn't suck
  5. This guy who was 21 in senior year got kicked out b/c he repeated it like 5 times. Few days later he came into my calculus class and and lit up a cigarette and said I'm a garbage man but I still make more than you fucker to our teacher.
  6. In my last year of highscool all my class did was play Halo 2 on an LAN party :laughing: Good Times!
  7. My school wouldn't let my gay friend bring his boyfriend to prom, so we pulled the fire alarm and stole the money then donated it to GLADD
  8. One day after school my friend Jeff, myself, and my brother were waiting at another friend's truck, and these two black dudes were waiting by the gate where people walk out of the parking lot, they were obviously waiting to fight somebody, security came and made them leave campus and they went across the street. Some dudes caught wind of it and shit cracked off in the intersection man, it was like four lanes on all sides, tons of cars waiting, shit was crazy.

    We had this principal who was like seventy but still had a full head of hair, he still wrestled kids, anyways he was such a boss. One time in the lunch room this kid jumped on a table to fight somebody, and he came in, slammed that dude on the ground, and had the other in a chokehold.

  9. OK that is pretty cool.
  10. My friend went to school either drunk, high, or on unmentionables every single day, and the three days that he went to school sober he would get called out by the teacher or sent to the principal's office because they thought he was on drugs (LOL)
  11. My best childhood friend was the prom king. He was just regular ol Jay to me.
  12. (HS wasnt too long ago for me soooo)

    I remember I had this awesome English teacher, and he was a fucking troll. On a day that there was SOL testing, he offered anyone who went into a testing room and yelled "I love grammar!" a large amount of grade points. I remember him saying that it would count as a quiz grade, but most in my class were too chicken to do it except for this one kid. He did it, and we heard him from the hall, and he ran back, and the whole class room was cracking the fuck up. He got his extra points, and he didnt get in trouble :)

    Of course this teacher is retired now :(
  13. In senior year a bunch of kids set their old cell phones alarms to go off during school. The catch was that they were hidden throughout the entire school: in lockers, in teachers desks, in library books etc. In other words, they were hard to find, and they were loud enough to disrupt classes/annoy the hell out of faculty.

    Took an hour to get everything under control, hahaha
  14. I seen my self blow up the toilet w/ a m-80.
  15. One of my best buddies being chased by my teacher during school because he was rollerblading around campus.

    Hes on slow inline blades and the teacher almost catches him when he hits a 16 stair rail and escapes hahaha too sick.
  16. My fist helped this guy fall back so fast his glasses were still in midair.That was cool. Oh and counter strike on LAN with more than dozen of us
  17. Fuck yes counter strike 1.6 LANs!
  18. saw my buddy longboarding through the halls with my old history teacher following him. he proceded to move a freshmen into the teachers way to escape down the stairs and out
  19. we were reading a book and the teacher asked my friend to read and he didnt want to so he threw the book out the window.

    in 5th grade our school was 3 storys high and a kid threw a computer out the window on the 3rd floor lmfaoooo.
  20. Someone running through the pep rally wearing a dick costume

    My shining achievement of high school took place during a beer pong tournament at this party. Anyways me and my partner made it to the final round, and on the final cup I started to yak my brains out. Like throwing up everywere, and somehow while I was throwing up I hit the game winning shot and everyone went crazy :D

    edit- oh yea and this ghetto ass chick was walking down the hallways smoking a blunt like it wont no thang
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