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Whats the coolest thing uve ever smoked out of

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hazehandler420, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Whats the coolest thing you have ever smoked out of? mine has to be a gas mask... that gets you extremely blazed
  2. I disagree on the gas mask getting you completley blazed statement.

    Well, I mean, it can..
  3. so what are you sayin then?
  4. Gas masks are very inefficient.
  5. 2 pears at once...carved out and pushed together as a double chamber
  6. Has masks are awesome your noob ass prolly didnt have your hand on the carb or something hahahaha
  7. Out of my boys senior project which was not only a great oil burning mini torch, but it was a way to Vape without using a vape. Brilliant.
  8. It was this pump

    You put a screen over the hole that isn't attached to the tube and put you weed on the screen. Then you push on the pump before you take your hit, burn, and slowly release the pump. This gathers all the smoke into the chamber and then you just push again and all of the smoke is pushed right into your lungs.

    Me and my cousin were at my grandparents house and had nothing to smoke out of and we found that in their garage and we knew right away what to do with it. It hits like a fucking champ.
  9. i turned my cpr mask into a piece and its perfect cause i can take it anywhere and while its in the case it seems like its a regular mask in it, but its crazy piece and it gets you pretty blazed
  10. YES! i've used one of these and yes it is the coolest thing i've smoked from.
  11. Best thing i ever smoked out of was my buddys big bubbler way back... it was double or triple carbed i cant remember but it got me stoned haha
  12. haha gas masks are of my favorite pieces. ive also smoked out of a mini pumpkin, 5 footer, volcano vap, and im too high to think of anything else :smoking:
  13. watermelon... we used my bongs stem and made a watermelon bong! :smoking:
  14. What is it with these kids flaming anyone who doesn't share their opinion? No wonder you have red rep.

  15. dude why you always up in everyone's face? chill. please.

    as far as coolest thing i ever smoked outta, i would have to be a bong made out of a potato cannon. it was so easy to do because it was pretty much already made, we just put a downstem and bowl into the hole that was already drilled for the ignition, and used a smaller pipe and some hot glue to make the opening smaller for our mouths. took 10 minutes and got us fucked off our asses
  16. the coolest thing I smoked out of was a peace pipe
  17. please explain how you made your cprmask into a piece i have to do this.
  18. Teapot. Worked surprisingly well. For a teapot..

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