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What's The Best Way To Get A Hook-Up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TBKDub_Tree, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Yo. Just wondering what a good way to get a dealing hook-up is. My dealer is not treating me well. He keeps trying to rip me off. Well, thanks in advance, and yes, I know this is a stupid question.:p

    I do NOT condone the use of marijuana and I am purely asking this to make me look cool to people on the internet.
  2. Why the hell do people put this?
  3. So people who who do weed don't get bagged for smoking marijuana***.

    ***=which I don't smoke or buy or distribute.
  4. There is no good way. You either are at the right place at the right time or you are introduced through a friend. Its probably not a good idea to just go around asking people.
  5. Stay inside a convenience store and when you see someone buy some blunts go ask them for weed that you won't smoke, buy, or distribute.
  6. best way i kno is go thruogh a friend who deals, a close frind is best that way u both can help each other. you can find him new customers and he/she can hook u up with some fat bags:smoking:

  7. you think that if I have a close friend that deals, I would be asking this question? Come on.
  8. tell your dealer you will give him x amount of money to hook you up with HIS dealer.

    "yo tim, if i give you 75 bucks and smoke you up will you hook me up iwth your dealer?"
  9. you asked the best way to get a hook up nd dats the best way i kno nd still bein fair 2 both of u
  10. ask around its not that hard. i was at a ski hill snowboarding and i was talking to my friend about kush or something and this guy overheard us and asked us if we wanted some dank. it was amazing:smoking:

  11. i would laugh in your face then punch you in the nose if you said that to me
  12. then i would proceed to bash your face into the dashboard and punch you in the back of the head.


  13. Haha truth. +rep for being so right.

    You get connects by smoking weed with people.

    It goes in steps, which I'll list in order of time.

    1) pitch in when you sesh.

    2) give money to a friend e=which is explocitly for drugs.

    3) go with the friend to a deal

    4) go to a deal yourself

    You just hang out with people and work your way up.
  14. hang out at mcdonalds or 711
  15. what the fuck, does mcdonalds sell weed now?

  16. Get a medical card in Cal.:hello:
  17. HAHA i lol'd hard at that
  18. I would hang around a college and do a little profiling. Spot some stoners and pop the question.

  19. My friend dropped $41 for a "children's drink"
  20. Lol, he didnt ask to get super sized?

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