Whats The Best Way To Find A New Dealer In A New City

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  1. what the best way to find a new dealer in a new city. I always just go to a gas station in the hood and ask someone if they know where to find some green. I will usually get it there or they will point me in the right direction............how do you find weed.

  2. Yeah i guess you got it figured out. A couple friends went into a city near the town i live in to get more bud and they got lost. They drove into a sketchy neighborhood and and a guy sitting on his porch for some bud and it turned out he was a dealer. Weird how things work out but i think youll get it without a problem.
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  4. The best thing to do is put yourself out there. Be friendly to people. Make connections and youll eventually find someone. 
  5. it always good to find other smokers when you are lost! :smoke:
  6. Just be like yo you smoke marijuanas

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  7. Ask a Mofo if they're holding.
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    Meet people, ask around. Meet stoner friends (tons of 420 friendly people on craigslist personals [STRICTLY PLATONIC ONLY, STAY AWAY FROM THE OTHER SECTIONS]) who are always down to blaze, just be like "I'll pitch $10"
    Umm... See if theres other people on GC from your town, shoot them a message and see if they wanna hang out. You'll probably get a connect that way. You could also get your card, if it's legal in the state you're in.
    Look for Nancy Botwin!
  9. I can't figure out how you knew where the blade lives. It used to say right over there next to their name.

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