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Whats the best way i can get smokeable resin out of this bubbler

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Dannyscott, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Hey I heard something about isopropyl but do not know enough. Here is a picture.

  2. you cant really get much resin out that you can still smoke unless you like smoking nasty res mixed with salt and alchohol. its literally putrid.
  3. Pot of rapidly boiling water, place pipe in water, maybe some tongs to move it around a little and help get resin out. empty a tea bag and pour pot of water through a funnel and through the bag, then you have your resin in the tea bag, let it dry. Let your pipe dry out at room temperature for a while. It is said that exposing it to those temperatures can weaken the glass, but if its well constructed it wont break, ive done this to my Chinese glass pipes that have bubbles in them and weak glass and they have stood up over 3 resin boil outs.
  4. damn i need to do that when i get time, thats a very innovative idea with the tea bag. But how long to boil the bub :/
  5. Why smoke dirty nasty tar resin when you can smoke dank? Makes zero sense
  6. obviously because there is no dank at the moment, duh! lol
  7. dont smoke resin.
    save yourself while you still can!!
    you are w0rth more than that
  8. Well this is still a good idea to get the nasty junk out of a bubbler... I think I will try this xD
  9. Go with what is sudgested above, clean your glass peice by boiling method. Then drain all that water into a coffee strainer (that paper stuff, liquid will go through) the rez will no go thru and let it dry , scrape off the rez and toke up bro. have fun, happy smokin!
    because it's free, duh
  11. Don't smoke it. Sell it to other blades on GC! There is a long list of buyers waiting for that stuff!

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