Whats the best type of fert to get?

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  1. Whats the best type of fert to get? how do i know if i should get a low percent fertilizer or a higher percent fertilizer?? im using pro mix HP so im thinking i should get a higher percent fert because the HP drains fast? any advice would be appreciated!
  2. I hear a lot of good things about Fox Farm for soil and soiless mixes. I have no experience with anything other than hydro. My friend and fellow grower uses Tiger bloom and others but he just switched over to ocean forest for his medium. I know his plants look healthy. He has a few grows under his belt though too.

    That's really a loaded question. You are going to get all kinds of people that swear buy one brand, others that had a bad grow with it, and never tried it again even though they may have been at fault. If you are looking into beneficials Humbolt has some good stuff I hear. Stay away from there other addatives though.

    Research... Get used to looking everything up. All the way down to strain needs and tendencies of different phenotypes. Look at all the soil and soil/hydro nutes and addatives. I started off with base nutrients, a bloom stimulator, and a bloom booster. I have added a few things on a few grows but stuck mainly with base, stimulator, and booster/enhancer.

    Oh yeah, you can get a bunch of sample packs from many nute companies by writing them emails about how you have a large garden and your thinking about changing nutes. You can just ask for a sample but my friend whom I mentioned earlier asked for a sample from botanicare and got small bottles of a few things(enough for one plants). I did the garden thing and they sent me little jugs. I did four plants.I don't know if that matters. If you can get a few from companies you like the look of, grow a plant of each kind and see which one does better. Just make sure you have enough to do the whole grow.

    That would suck to put all that work in and get nothing but pistils.:(

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