Whats the best tasting weed you ever had?

Discussion in 'General' started by ThatHighGuy024, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. The best I ever had as GSC it tasted like thin mints !
  2. Holy Grail kush! it tasted like someone ran pine needles through a grinder, it was a nice earthy refreshing taste.
  3. I've tasted so many different strains so this is a hard one lol, but my personal favorite either had to be blue dream or jamaican red hair.
  4. Hawian skunk. Go get some now!!! I wish tx was a med state so I had some selection ya dig.
  5. Blue Dream for me.
  6. Oasis OG from Oasis dispensary (now closed) in San Diego. They cured it perfectly. It had this piney, fuel like, OG goodness taste and smell and a couch lock body high.
  7. Blueberry Hawgs Breath.

    Delicious. 10/10
  8. How's sour d?
  9. Cherry pie is pretty high up there for me. I mean come on with a name like that it must taste delish :yummy:
  10. Blowfish or Durban Poison. after not being able to smoke for a year or so now, just thinking of the taste of Durban makes my mouth water
  11. Hands down, jillybean

    If you had the top shelf jillybean, you'd agree too.
    Jack herer is a close second
  12. jilly bean is pretty good, just has a weird funky flavor to me. i like the more fuely/og flavors
  13. Bubblegum or strawberry cough
  14. Either bubblegum, or this one time years ago my cousin got some shit he said was purple kush. Tasted just like fruit loops in my vaporizer.
  15. Lemon Catpiss from a local club, wowwowwow
  16. My own Vanilla Kush.

  17. Either New York City Diesel or ChemDawg
  18. blue dream hands down.
  19. My current favorite goes to
    Bubblelicious Girl Scout Cookies

  20. Girl Scout Cookies

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