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?whats the best soil/nutrients i can buy?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by Liquiddropzz, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. I was wondering whats the best soil and nutrients I can buy at a homedepo or lows does any body know?? ive grown for two years and always used miracle grow moisture control and its worked fine but i hear alot of neg thing about it so i need some one else's input please after reading stuff on this site im confused :confused:..should i stick with the miracle grow?? and if i do keep useing it what nutrients should i add after the 3 months the soil is good for ??:smoking: thanks all
  2. The best and cheapest soil is stuff you mix yourself.
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    First of all, we do not all live in the Land of the NOT so Free, so cannot buy Fox Farm - probably a GOOD THING, as FFOF is not entirely organic.

    Second, who said anything about soil from anyone´s back yard?

    My own mix has:
    peat/forest product to support roots and hold water.
    Sand/grit/crushed volcanic rock to help drainage.
    horseshit/wormcasts/real compost for nutrition
    Lime to stabilise pH

    The cheapest and the best, for a load less than $20 a bag (however big a ´bag´is). And the reason you pay $20 a bag is solely to boost the makers´ profits. If you want proof of the pudding look at my grow journal.
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    No-one here has any obligation to give you or anyone else any answers, complete or otherwise, especially considering your ungrateful and demanding attitude.

    All pretty academic anyway, as I see that the original poster started this thread on 14 March, and hasn´t bothered to return.
  5. You do not need to go out and shovel up horse shit....... You can get all those things in bags and mix it yourself.. Look at his plants... They are amazing.
  6. Hey cantharis this is something I've been wondering, I am going to be mixing my own soil for my first outdoor grow soon, but I was wondering where you get peat moss, worm casting, stuff like that in order to mix your own? I'm guessing a nursery?
  7. Most from various garden centres around here, and one of the local supermarkets has started stocking peat and wormcasts. Sand and grit I get from a builders' merchant.
  8. this really doesnt belong here at all. it belongs in either outdoor growing or absolute beginners. and the best soil you can GET not buy can be either mixed by the grower or bought in a bag. its solely up to the person who buys or mizes the product. there is no real answer. if he were to "buy" soil, it would also depend on how big of a grow he is doing. Seeing how cantharis has hundreds of galoons of soil, he mixed his own rather than having to give an arm and a leg to get it shipped to him which he may not even be able to do. ands stop hating on the guy for giving his opinion. seeing how you have 4 posts total, im guessing your either new at growing or new to the forums. In that case let me give you a rundown, we dont bash others here, end of story. Outdoor journals section is for peaceful growers who love to learn and hsare their experience with others. if you are gunna be a pain in the ass, please discontinue coming to GC. Peace.
  9. fox farm soil and fox farm nutrients.
    mega grow, big bloom, and tiger bloom during blooming.
    just follow the fox farm schedule. FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company
    pretty much, everyone swears their soil grows the best pot. i second that. i swear the nursery down the road makes all their money by selling foxfarm to pot growers!
  10. so ..is Fox Farm the Advanced Nutrients of Soil ?

    tell you what .. I will put Whitney Farms ( 10 bucks per 2 yard bag) against Fox Farms anyday...

    I will however..not put it up against somebody who has built thier own for awhile ...why ? Cause a grower with a few years experience in making soils has thier plants need dialed in, which I don't care how much soil your neighborhood nursery is selling..fox farm built a soil to be general in what it feed..where as say ..Cantharis here...well he knows this many scoops of wormcastings, and this much perlite ( sorry Can ..not looking at your soil recipe ..so theses are from the hip)..and to water with an RC tea on these weeks of flowering, or if they start to look like " add whatever cannabis malady you want here" to do this, long story short ..if they have been growing long enough to make thier own soils...they probabaly will make FF, MG, or WF, look like a kid with bladder controll problems.

    reading will never beat hands on experiance..and BTW ...Lowes and home depot ..do have good soils ... you just have to be willing to look past the display cases.

    and to the OP if your still reading.. look if MG soils are working for you ...stick with em....maybe experiment a new soil on , 1 to 2 plants per grow ..till you find something that fits you more

  11. 1 your a douch. dont give people with alot more experience than you lip. untill u grow half as good as him be polite. any answer he gives is still more intelligent than yours wether its complete or not.
    2 i agree with cantharis, the best is your own mixture. and no one said anything about scooping up horse shit but if u want to grow quality plants then why not go the extra mile. theres nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty.
  12. Canth knows what he is doing...and he does give helpful advice to people who aren't stupid and purposely (seemingly) not read the stickies. Canth just gives everyone tough loving ;)
  13. Thanks syonide. +rep

    I see that the original poster has still not bothered to return.
  14. fox farms is good soil so is auro soil, it comes in a camo bag mixed with lots of guano's and sea bird guano a tea and feed, sprinkle it on the ground around plants stalks, i use it currently and have great results along with advanced nutrients Big bud, Another trick to geting nutrients to the roots if you plant your plants in the ground which you should, is to take a decent size stick and make a hole 4 or more around the plant 2-3ft out from the plant and poor your nutrient solution in the holes to get to the roots, because pooring water at the base wont make it to your root ball, Also its always good to add a cup of guano to any grow medium, try to use a pro mix as its good for draing and its real airy, but the auro soil you just poke holes in the camo bag and cut the top off and put your plant in the bag and hide it and it grows right out the bag and it drains well its mad stealth, also i like fox farm grow big as its the only foxfarm nute i have used. Fish emulsion is good as well i used it a few years back but its not enough by its self. check out my grow on some how to's like the fishing line and sinker trick:smoke: if you got any questions im more then happy to help ya out
  15. Rabbit manure has twice the nutrient levels of horse or cow manure and can be easily had for free or very cheaply.It is also sufficent for veg. and bloom,no need to supplement with anything at flowering time.

    http://ecosyn.us/ecocity/Links/My_Links_Pages/rabbit_manure01.html - 52k -

    Miracle-Gro (24-8-16) is excellent as well,if used as directed.It also can be used for veg. and bloom with no need to switch to Miracle-Gro Bloom.You can if you want,but i never notice any difference by switching.

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