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whats the best papers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by big_will, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. I have always went with Zig-Zags and they have made some real good joints. Just recently the store i get them from was out so i got some J.O.B's and they are doing alright but not as good as my Zig-Zags. Maybe its cause im not used to them. Who knows?

    Have you tried the Peach Owl blunt?
    I heard that it is a real good smoke with weed in it of course.


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    <FONT size=2 FACE='verdana,arial,sans-serif'>Speak Out to Legalize Marijuana

  2. Chills are the best!

    The reason I say Chills is because the owner of Chills, Chris Hill, is spending 14 months in the federal pen at Eglin AFB because the DEA and Ashcroft went after him and his company for making pipes and bongs. 20 year sentence plead down to 14 months served, 5 yrs probabtion, and a hefty ($200,000) fine. Buy Chills and support the cause. It will help put food on Chris Hills family table while he is away.
  4. zigs, nag champa, and marleys
  5. My favorite paper is :


    nice, thin rice paper.

    Not real relavent, but the package looks cool also.

    27 years of experience.


  6. I always use JOB papers. I get zig zags when the place I'm at doesn't have jOBs.. but yeaaah. They're my favorite.. and they're all frenchy.
  7. I hate zig zags. I love Smoking papers in the black pack. I've heard good things about Rizlas, but I've never tried them.
  8. Wang, you sure are here a lot for someone that isn't getting high.. But then I guess I'm here a LOT for someone that isn't getting high..
  9. i like using the black smoking papers too. i've tried zig zags, and they were ok. pure hemp sucks. my friend tried rizla but didnt like it
  10. I'm dying to use some rips green rice papers... which I will be ordering from the city..
  11. I've mostly been making Cannibis Cigars. I had to figure out how to make a thai stick, then I use pot leave's to cover the weed. No paper. all pot.
  12. How could i forget about smoking slims they are my second fav :)

  13. So you probably can't buy Chill's products anymore then right? And if you find em in a headshop Chills won't make money off of the sale.

    What about Zong and California Color Changers. I feel so bad for all of them!
  14. i use S.D. MODIANO CLUB cabaret duoble wides, use to use zig zag orange and sometimes swans but i just got a 25 box of theses from a friend so i guess im yousen these for awile
  15. zig zags for me..always been easy to roll
  16. zig zag whites for me it was the first for me so i stick by it
  17. Smoking.

    smoking kingsize slims.

    smoking kingsize slims eco.

    but if not,

    and if you want to stick them together for an even bigger joint but dont want to wastre one of those bigger skins then i reccomend zig zags for the job, they always have far too much gum on them so its easy to fold one in half and get the gum of them between the skins.
  18. Randys wired hemp papers.
  19. Ya, I am here alot now. Oh well. And I'm still rolling, just not weed too much. I've gotten to rolling tobacco now. I graduated from cigars and pipes to rolling cigarettes because I luv to roll. Ah well, I still can't inhale tobacco. That shit's not a good feeling in the lungs, not like weed. I need to stop by the head shop soon since I'm back in Knoxville. Hopefully they'll have my smoking papers.
  20. What papers are you useing Inferior. I've been trying to make my own papers exept paper that is made of pot. I haven't had much luck right now but it keeps get better with evey batch. Until then. zig zag's

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