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What's the best munchies food?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Capnfalconpunch, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I've always stuck with velveeta and cherry pepsi, but i'm looking to expand my horizons. What are some good foods/recipes?

    On a side note, is anyone watching American Dad on Adult Swim when roger took pills and a bong hit and he tripped balls? Is there any drug that could actually make you see that? (its not weed but you know...)
  2. Pizza always gets me. Not to mention its all I can find after midnight lol.
    Garlic knots... had 3 orders, 6 in each and I had food before I smoked so I was like wtf
    Last time McDonald's tasted fucking great, my friend agreed, he said "omg this shit its so gooooood"
  3. pineapple....and Popsicles
  4. I start craving things at diffrent times of my high pretty much whatever is in my kitchen at the time that isnt to hard to make i'll jump on it say I might have some cold chicken wraps, then otter pops, single slices of cheese, cereal, some more otter pops, throw in sum gogurts, and to top it off if im lucky last nights left overs followed by a couple more otter pops.
  5. I like a fucking LOT of stuff.

    I want some McDonalds fries and a BK burger :(

    DMT/shrooms/lsd/lots of others
  6. Bowl of crisp washed grapes.
  7. Cold fruit. Water. Chicken burritos.
  8. "smoking weed and eating cereal"
    -Odd Future
  9. RAMEN. for like 2 bucks you can eat so much you could puke
  10. Frosted Flakes & Bagels with cream cheese.. Oh and some frozen pizza, Doritos, Dr. Pepper, chocolate chip cookies, mini cinnamon rolls, chewy bars.. lots and lots of chewy bars. Umm some yogurt, orange juice would be nice. Maybe some popcorn, cotton candy, blueberries, sour patch watermelons, waffles.. Oh, and ICE CREAM, I almost forgot about ice cream.
  11. apples are the best.
  12. Chicken. And i aint even got big lips!
  13. Fried chicken or anything spicy.
  14. Nachos and a Double Gulp from 711, thats bomb.
  15. you guys are crazy, try a fiji apple, it's the best thing ever
  16. i just almost wet myself reading this... it sounds soo fuckin good :smoke:
  17. You fuckin 12 bro?
  18. I like little debbie products. Swiss cake roll.
  19. #20 Railer, Aug 10, 2011
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    Yeah I used to take zoloft and it makes it so u can get insanely baked in like 1 hit and makes you trip out. Everything turned purple and yellow and my vision went in snaps like a sprinkler.

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