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Whats the best flavored joint paper you've smoked?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Mtw20, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. What was the best tasting or most unique flavored joint paper you guys have smoked. Brand and flavor.
  2. Blueberry papers. Don't remember the brand. Great tasting, not very good rolls.
    Blunt wrap Yingseng.
  3. I like the juicy j raspberry and the watermelons whenever I use them
  4. I like the Juicy Jay grape & watermelon flavours.
  5. none; never seen any other than juicy jays and those are way to thick, tastes more like burning paper than the "flavor" imo. If you want flavor use the juicy drops or a blunt
  6. regular papers smeared with some nice oil taste amazing to me
  7. Mango flavor from zig zags
  8. I really like the juicy jay cotton candy papers. They're mad thick thicker than most other flavors.
  9. Why is it bad if they're thick? Won't that just make them burn slower?
  10. Juicy Jays Blueberry. Not much of a paper guy tbh though.

  11. Well yeah maybe, nothing too noticeable though. more so it'll make your joint taste more like burning paper. IMO the flavor doesn't even come through on the burn of flavored papers, at least the ones I've tried .

  12. Well I personally don't like thick papers cause I tend to roll small doobs. But I guess if you prefer thicker papers, the jj cotton candy ones are great-they taste amazing when you lick them, and I actually do taste a little cotton candy flavor when I smoke them.
  13. flavored papers are nasty. i remember when i smoked a "green apple" flavored jay the ash was fucking green
  14. peach zigzags all the way.
  15. i like my plain papers.
    no flavor, just weed smoke :)

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