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What's The Best Edible To Get One Person High Once? Other Edible Questions

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MrGoatington, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. What is the simplest thing that requires the least weed that will still get someone who has smoked nearly every day for half a year feeling good? I haven't done much research on firecrackers but I see people talking about them a lot, is that the most efficient way for one person to get high once?

    What is the least amount of weed I should expect to use for a one time solid space visit for someone with the tolerance of smoking every day for half a year?

    Also, I've heard that you aren't supposed to microwave it because it kills the THC but I saw a recipe for a special brownie in a mug that you microwave and it gives you one solid special brownie.

    If I was rich I would just make canna-butter and make a ton of edibles but to make a solid batch of canna-butter you need around an ounce and I don't have that kind of dough :(

    I'm basically looking for something that I can make pretty quick whenever I feel like having some edibles. Since I don't have any form of weekly income or anything I am pretty limited to the amount I can buy so I try to find the most efficient way to use it as possible.

    Thanks guys.

  2. Read the thread and adopt the techniques and recipes to your own situation.
  3. those links are a bit more complicated i'm pretty sure.
    also i doubt you have all those supply's and weed.
    i'd make some firecrackers like you said.
    i'd just use a 20 sack of weed and put together 2 1gram edibles.
    assuming you get 2 grams a 20 sack.
    i have to eat a lot of edibles to get high.
    i put like 3 grams together on two crackers and put nutella in them. let them sit 3 days and i ate them.
    needed milk to wash them down. lol. gross..
    but they got me fucking high.

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