whats the best brand of root beer?

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  1. like the title says... sorry if in wrong forum:smoke:
  2. There are hundreds if not thousands... but mainstream ones I would go with Barq's love the bite.
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    I happen to elicit a sizable hatred for root-beer. If I was in excruciating pain from an advanced case of dehydration and a cold root-beer was my only escape, I wouldn't drink it; in fact I'd simply open it and pour it out so nobody else could. Root-beer infects us down to our most basic integrity and it needs to be destroyed.
  4. what is root beer?
    Is it alcoholic?
  5. IBC root beer is by far the best
  6. This was too funny, I'd rep you if you weren't bashing on the BEST DRINK OF ALL TIME.

    When it comes to Rootbeer, the best is Hires, but far as mainstream I'd settle with A&W
  7. not technically root beer but this shits the best!

  8. Dads. Yep dads rootbeer fucking delicious

  9. With no supplemental hyperbole I can honestly say my disdain for root beer transcends all applicable barriers. Its popularity relies on people accidentally drinking enough to become mentally addicted to a carbonated cesspool of dog shit and spices.
  10. Stewart's


    Thomas kemper

    Rat Bastard

    and last but not leask, Tommyknockers
  11. Cream Soda > Rootbeer

    But in reality fuck soda.
  12. The fuck is wrong with you:D?

    Barqs is pretty good for mainstream. Dog N' Suds is good too. But like someone posted there are hundreds of types.
  13. I'm not Roocist... to any beer. (B
  14. Mcminimans (spelling?) it's a local chain of breweries/restaurants/distillerys/hotels
  15. Barqs!!!!!! Mug and Stewarts taste like balls.
  16. I agree with this, but if I had to drink one of either Virgil's is the best!
    All naturally made with top ingredients.

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