Whats The Best Auto Flowering Strain For Yield And Height?

Discussion in 'General' started by iGROW96, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. look into dinafems auto line...
  2. Is this a breeder? because it doesnt show as a strain
  3. sry, yes correct its a breeder..
    ive ran their autos before with stellar results..
    most seed banks carry them..
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    id go with their moby dick auto or amnesia auto personally...
    but they offer a few.
    i did their white widow auto.
    but jus about every comapny has autos now..
    lowryder would be another breeder to look into...
  5. Big Buddha Auto, or Critical Mass Auto are my two choices. Definitely great yielders.
    Thank you guys, I decided to go with 60 day lemon, Dinafem seed Moby Dick Auto, and i got a Dinafem white widow for free. Cant wait to recieve these and start growing, thanks a lot y'all!
    ONE MORE QUESTION: Purchasing from attitude seeds it said : 
    \t\t\t\tWe can no longer ship international, signed-for packages
    \t\t\t\tto PO BOX addresses in certain countries.
    \t\t\t\tTo find out more, please click this link\t\t\t\t\t\t<a class="" href="">CONTINUE</a>\t\t 
    does this mean they cant ship to usa?
    No, it means they can't ship to P.O boxes. As long as you're at a residential address you are fine. P.O boxes are usually used for businesses and such. You can set up a P.O box for personal use but residential addresses are not considered P.O boxes.

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