Whats the average shipping time to East Coast USA?

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  1. Hi, I purchased a new bong and rig off grasscitys website on the 11th of April and they marked it as shipped on the 12th and i sadly haven't seen any sign of it, i was just wondering what the average shipping time to the East Coast USA is and if i should be worried? (My buddy who lives 10 minutes away from me ordered a new bong off here 3 days before me and he got his is 5 days flat???)
  2. Do you have a tracking number? Did you see where it was for tracking? GC ships from two locations. One in California, the other in Europe. The product pages tell you what ships from the US, but nothing is listed if it ships from Europe. If it's coming from overseas its' going to take a while.
  3. Last time I ordered from GC was years ago, but I remember it taking a while, like 2-3 weeks. I live in the north east.
  4. I never received a tracking number after placing my order :( they just shipped it standard US mail but my buddy who received his in 5 days flat told me that his for sure came from Europe, he said it even had a little customs sticker on it
  5. You need to stop comparing yourself to your friend's order, OP. Your order is not your friend's order. You need to relax and chill out. You've already had one thread about this shut down and locked, so I'd suggest contacting support like you were advised to do and then be patient. An extraordinary amount of time has not passed.
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  6. thanks for the reply, hopefully it shows up soon, the anticipation is killing me lol, its been years since ive even had a decent piece and the only rig i had was a cheap starbuds dabuccino rig i picked up in town and i broke it a few days before i placed my order.
  7. I was never not relaxed lol, ive been patient and already contacted support like SuperJoint said, i only made this thread to see what peoples average shipping times were to the east coast and the only reason i mentioned my buddys order is because i can literally walk to his house
  8. Your pal's order is immaterial. This is why I said you can't go by that. He ordered on a different date. Every day isn't the same for the post office. They could've had very few packages when he ordered and things went as quickly as they could possibly go. He was lucky. You ordered on a different day, and your package is in a system that maybe isn't running as efficiently as it did when your friend's package went through it. You have no idea, no one can tell you exactly what's happening or what the hold up is. I would think you'd be getting your package soon. I wouldn't consider it late. And yes, you aren't relaxed because if you were you wouldn't be making multiple threads about it. There are a lot of fucking variables happening here, none of which are in your control.

    Like in your case, you said you ordered on 4/11. That's a Monday. The folks at GC came in on Monday morning and started packing orders that came in when they went home on Friday. Also, shipment notifications aren't always accurate. Some places get a discount on shipping if they have a lot of packages. So it's possible that while yours was boxed up and ready to go, it sat around a bit waiting to get the amount of packages needed to get their shipping discount. If the truck your package was on broke down, the trailer's going to sit in a yard for a day or two before being able to be moved on. If another truck broke down it's going to fuck with the time too because now the system has to absorb that and so everything slows down a little. This is why the USPS does not tell you exactly how long it's going to take to ship a package. Too much shit an happen.
  9. Dude i made two posts and the only reason i did that was because i thought i posted my first one in the wrong category and i honestly don't need you to explain a bunch of different stupid ass explanations on what could possibly be delaying my package, you say this as if i don't already know this. I didn't make this thread to bitch or complain, i honestly just wanted to hear how other peoples experiences were when ordering to the east coast, this was my first order from grasscity and it states on there FAQ that most people receive there order in 10 business days but they can't guarantee anything and i get that but you act as if i can't be a little curious as to where my package is, and like i already said, all i wanted to know was what the average shipping time to the east coast was, why be such a dick?
  10. I live on the east coast and took mine around 2.5 weeks. It should be here sometime this week.
  11. Everything arrived today :) im so happy
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  12. See? You might as well follow through and post some pics of your purchases, man!
  13. I wanted something for concentrates and something for bud that wouldn't break the bank, i had my eye set the little grace glass shower head rig for a while and im extremely satisfied with it and I ended up grabbing a weed star 8 arm bubbler for bud and i really like it for a tree arm perc but im more of a shower head person and i really had my eyes set on a black leaf double shower head saxo bong but it sold out before i could get my order in :( but for $115 im extremely satisfied, if i wanted to buy something in town just as nice as the tree arm perc id be paying at least $150 so no complaints


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  14. Dude relax... So what if he made multiple threads with the same question. It happens all the time.
  15. OP is 2 years old..
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