What's that OTC drug that makes your high last forever

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  1. It was an article posted a while ago on Totse. There was this seemingly unrelated to anything OTC pill you can get at any drug store that happens to inhibit the breakdown of THC in your body or something. It was like an allergy medicine or something.

    Anyone remember it?
  2. No, but if this is legit you have piqued my curiousity... :)
  3. also very curious about this. my interest has been peaked
  4. my interestd has peekt, im very curious about this if its true.

  5. .....
  6. Haha, yeah guys, get a thesaurus (and a dictionary!!) :)
  7. when i wrote that post no one had posted on this thread yet haha i didnt even realize
  8. I know for a fact that the Non-Drowsy Dramamine Meclizine" I believe, definitly does increase the high feeling, but not recommended as you have to take the entire chapstick sized bottle (5-12 tiny pills?)

    Idk HERB only here so...
  9. i don't think you want over the counter meds i think you want under the counter meds (more weed)
  10. All OTC highs are cheap and nasty. I haven't recalled one time i've had a good time off of something OTC...
  11. I know what it is its tagamet hb its used i think for acid reflux never tried it but i remember the thread on totse it also works with some other drugs too im gonna do a bit more research now that i remember ahaha
  12. careful with that shit its a deliriant that most people dont enjoy
  13. benadryl or dramamine

    if you just pop like 2 or 3 like 30 mins before you smoke it gets you higher but i dont mess around with that stuff its pretty much schitzophrenia in a pill

    something in there makes you alot higher
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    No I've found it:

    Tagamet HB, a heartburn medicine

    Here's like the only other forum besides totse who has a thread on it http://www.rollitup.org/toke-n-talk/126872-get-higher-longer-off-less.html

    There was a thread on totse about it not an article. It was very long (like 200 pages) with many people giving good testimonials and my friend said it worked. There is so little on the internet about it interestingly.

    Whose getting some and trying out?
  15. My interest has been peacked as well.
  16. Wouldn't it just be easier to smoke more weed.:confused_2:
  17. My interest has been peeked at

  18. heres a quote from a guy on here

    2 hour (ive heard 4 on totse) of peak : wooooo
  19. im peakin right now, my interest as been so peaked....

    cheers gc :smoking::wave:

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