Whats some good stuff to text a girl about when you run out of stuff to say?

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  1. So anybody wanna give mensomething good to say when you're texting a girl and you run out of stuff to say? Like just a bit ago I was texting this girl about spring break and blah blah, then I just ran out of stuff to say so her last message was "hahaha that would be upsetting hehehe" referring to how I said when I leave to college my mom is gonna turn my room to a library, after she said that I went into derp mode and said haha it's been raining so much here... (she's in Alabama right now) I always do that.. Go into derp mode and ant think of anything good to say... She hasn't said anything back so yeah... I fail again

    I could just send her a pic of my cock but whatever yo
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  3. So when you gonna let me hit that?
  4. Tits or GTFO

    sorry OP gangsta rap made me do it...
  5. You can always talk about pets.
  6. Real talk though, just think of some funny shit to say. Personally I wouldn't continue talking about what you were talking about. Either way it's gona be awkward if you haven't responded for like a half hour :s

    Edit: just read your post again. "it's been raining so much here" LMFAO!!!! I died. sorry again.
  7. I just send random funny pictures... Works 34% of the time everytime
  8. Tell her to tell you a good joke

  9. I have seen that sig before....

  10. Ikr hahaha after I sent that I was like wait... Did I really just say that? But she did text me back and said hahaha that sucks, so it's not that bad

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