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What's so bad about smoking resin?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Fat Hits, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. It seems like everyone on here is acting like it's taboo to scrape the resin out of your pipe and smoke it when you're out of fresh herb. I just want to know, what's with the hate? It's just the leftover sticky that didn't make it to your mouth, Obviously it isn't nearly as good as smoking a nug but it sure gets you stoned. So why the harsh feelings towards it? Hash is basically the same principal, just the condensed substance of the plant. Maybe I haven't smoked long enough to be very picky about everything but some of you are just being snobs about your own personal rules of smoking. Not upset, just confused.

    :smoke: Smoke fire bud, get higher, bud.
  2. I've smoked resin and I'd do it again if I was dry and cared enough.

    I've never seen anyone "hate" on it, but I've seen people say it's dumb.

    It's not the same as hash though, it's less THC, more tar and things you don't want, and tastes pretty bad. Definitely a last resort.
  3. ive smoked resin before and ill do it again. it just tastes bad really, and scraping it can be kind've a bitch. prolly why people dont really like to
  4. I used to do it, but not anymore.

    It really is nothing like a concentrate or hash. Resin is all of the tar and ash building up in the pipe. It does have small amounts of THC since it can stick to the pipe as well as bud getting pulled through.

    Just tryin' to inform you, not hating.

  5. I get all that, I don't smoke resin unless I'm out and won't be getting some for a while, maybe I scrape my pipe and get high for a couple more days.

    But it seems like any thread where resin is brought up, everyone gets hostile about it and shit. Something like "I would NEVER smoke resin, it's soooooo nasty. I hate when people smoke the leftover resin out of their pipe because it tastes like FUCKING SHIT too.

    lol I haven't been here very long but jesus christ it's not like I'm smoking nutmeg or something like that.
  6. If people say that, just ignore them. Everybody on here is the first to argue that weed should be legal because who cares what you like to do on your own time that doesn't hurt others. Same thing with smoking resin, but I guess they don't get it.
  7. I don't think its the resin smoking there hating on... i think its the fact that you would be despreate enough to smoke something shitty just to get high.. lol
  8. Resin isn't very different from schwag, but I'm sure almost everyone on this site has smoked schwag at some point.
  9. id smoke schwag before I would touch resin

    Id rather be dry and sober than touch either of those though
  10. And here we have the weed elitist.
  11. I've done it before and I'll do it again.

  12. Where the hell do you live where resin has "small amounts of thc"

    I can scrape a pipe after smoking a half 8th and the resin will get me higher than smoking an actual bowl. And it's from the THC, not the carcinogens that are left behind. Same high as your pickup gave you = good enough for me. Probably a bit bad for you but still organic.
  13. Tastes horrible and gives me a super tired high. That said, if I'm out it is always handy if I wanna feel great and fall asleep fast, lol.
  14. I hate resin because it makes me pieces look dirty.
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  15. Wanna know how to get really high with your resin? After your bong slide is nice and dirty get a q-tip and wipe the bottom inside of the slide. Take the q-tip and slab it onto the front of your teeth nice and good. You'll get high as fuck. It really works, try it and post pictures for us.
  16. White knight to the rescue!

    No, this won't get you high, it will just taste like shit and make your front teeth brown and shitty.

  17. This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. I don't care if you dislike resin, to each their own. BUT, that kind of know-it-all "master stoner" attitude that would look down upon someone for doing something you wouldn't.

    If that makes sense.

    No offense meant, but you just proved the shit out of my point.
  18. I had my girlfriend do it, but while she looks high, she says she doesn't feel it..
    Did we do it right?

  19. My lil bro swears he's stoned. IDK though.

  20. I recently scraped the resin from all of our bowls and such. We got high don't get me wrong, but it was different. It was more of a vague sleepy high. Obviously it doesn't compare to the real thing but sometimes it's the only choice when you're dry or can't spare the cash. There's really no right or wrong when it comes to smoking MJ, just a load of opinions that you can choose to acknowledge. And if someone does chastise you for your smoking methods, turn a blind eye. The way I see it is, if they took the time and effort out of their day just to be a snob to you, then chances are they've got more problems than you do.

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