Whats so bad about a New World Order/one-world government?

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  1. Wouldn't that just be easier/less complex to overthrow? Also if we're all members of the "human race" shouldn't we be trying to unite under one banner?

  2. I would rather have a free for all, no government.
    No thanks, I don't want some Anarchyfag to rape my mother and vandalize my shit without consequences. 
    Not me.  That would just lead to rule by mob,
    and the strongest man always wins.
    Problem with the no governments thing is that's how it was at one point in our development as a species, and this is the end result. So if you get rid of all current governments new ones would eventually form. 
    I'm for small, accountable government. 
  6. Everything. Fucking snakes are going to get flipped over with more weight then that pyramid kid
    You say everything, but try listing just a few of those "everythings."
  8. Here's a few. Coming together is one thing, in fact I encourage it, but when a corrupted government that was found on lies is just trying to advance themselves further into a world of manipulation that's not coming together, that's mind control and coming together for the wrong reasons, which will ultimately lead to more chaos than we already have going around.
  9.  They would be the first to go. Them and all violent criminals. They would kill themselves off. And would get killed off by people protecting themselves, and their neighbors. Then communities would form and people would have both the ability and the incentive to seek out better communities with like-minded people to live in.
     Far better than total assimilation, loss of individuality and regional culture if you ask me. One world, one government is about ONE thing...CONTROL.
    Far better than this mob rule where the richest man survives. If you can't survive of your volition, on your own work and by your own hands...then everything you have should be taken from you, and redistributed to the people that do.
  11. In short, because you can't escape it. There is no option to immigrate and remove yourself from the system. You're born into it, and you'll die in it. And the ones in charge, would also be aware of that.
    You're too optimistic as to what would happen in that scenario. After all, there's certainly more good people in the world than there are evil people right now and yet many of these evil people still get away with killing good people.
    Also there's nothing wrong with controlling people if the system of control is functional and beneficial to the majority. 
    Why would you wanna emigrate if the system was functioning? 

  13. Well, I most likely wouldn't if it was functioning. That's assuming it is functioning, and actually remains that way. And if not?
    Then it wouldn't really be any different than it is now.
  15. While I can't speak for other countries of course, it's still pretty easy to leave the US, if the desire to leave the country outweighs the fear or discomfort of leaving it behind. Not exactly an option with a one world government.
  16. I don't think a One world Gov. is possible unless it was broken up into smaller more local governments. The one size fits all model is a complete failure in every aspect in the USA. The things that are valued in the Western world are not the same things valued in the East(slowly changing).
    The only way I see a One World Gov. is if a superpower USA\\Russia\\China took out the others and then ruled the world as an empire exploiting all other nations that weren't part of the OG superpower to begin with.
  17. Is rule by mob not what we have in place now? Police, government, politicians, ect, are they not a mob? The strongest man always wins? Well don't they have lots of money, and do they not set up a system to where that money equals power and that power is strength. WE'RE IN AN ILLUSION TO SAY THE LEAST, there is no government or justice. Just people asleep.

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  18. It's not benefiting the majority of the population, it's only benefiting the group of sick fucks who created the pathways for crime in the first place.
  19. In the US, i think that states should have the power. The only reason we have a Federal govt is to "keep the states in check" which really means that the Fed is a big bully. Let the states and it's people make the decisions
  20. Well then why not end the fed which has been said so many times. It's not that easy will always be the response.
    Well I believe it's as easy as everyone's mindset toward the matter. If you believe someone has an effect on your life or controls you, they WILL. But what if everyone looked at the Feds, police, president, politicians, as if there weirdos on the streets with funny looking uniforms on then they would have no damn power over US!!! If any control is on you individually or us as a whole, it is because you let it be that way. We can end so much and start a whole new life for our future generations so easily. The problem is the amount of people who are lazy, just don't give a flying hoot, or are still to complacently asleep and oblivious to it all. Those are the sheep my friends, and they are the reason were all in this matrix.

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