Whats on your toking playlist?

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  1. What tunes do you bump when blazing? Here's mine! :hello: 
    1. SOL- This Shit
    2. Andre Nickatina- Jungle
    3. Flatbush Zombies- MRAZ
    4. MC Skywalker- Welcome to the Chill Zone
    5. Cypress Hill- Hits From the Bong
    6. Action Bronson- Strictly 4 My Jeeps
    7. Danny Brown- Grown Up
    8. Hopsin- Nocturnal Rainbow
    9. Three Loco- We are Farmers (These guys are so funny)
    10. Spose- All R's
    11. Ice Cube- It was a Good Day
    12. Danny Brown- Monopoly
    13. Wale ft. Bun B- Mirrors
    14. Spose- Fuck It
    15. Mac Lethal- Calm Down Baby
    16. Cypress Hill- Hand on the Pump
    17. Cypress Hill- Locotes 
    18.Cypress Hill- Illusions
    19. Cypress HIll- Strictly Hip Hop
    Whats on your playlist? :smoke:

  2. Grateful dead mostly Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  3. I'll post 19 too.
    1. Bone thugs - buddha lovaz
    2. INXS - falling down the mountain
    3. Guns n Roses - mr brownstone
    4. Motley crue - wild side
    5. Nirvana - Mollys lips
    7. Mac Dre - Livin it
    8. X Raided - Liquor, niggaz & triggas
    9. 2live crew - doo wah diddy
    10. Noel Coward - The partys over now
    11. Pendulum - Out here
    12. E40 - Muscle cars
    13. Radiohead - Karma police
    14. Sublime - Scarlet begonias
    15. Ministry - Scarecrow
    16. Incubus - Nice to know you
    17. Necro - I need drugs
    18. Beastie Boys - B-boy bouillabaisse
    19. NIN - Happiness in slavery
  4. Trance, Psytrance, Dubstep, Good electro, steampunk if the mood calls for it, industrial, and some of those 3d holophonic songs are amazing. Im on my phone so its too much effort to list any songs, atm Im listening to Didrapest - Celebration so theres 1.
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    My only playlist :lol: primarily consists of bands like311MetallicaIncubusLed ZeppelinPink FloydBostonSublimePearl JamSTPStyxBeatlesLil of this, lil of that :)
  6. I have a whole seperate playlist for my sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Bad Brains, 311, and other ska/reggae songs. The one above is all my rap mostly underground i cant stand mainstream. But it just depends on what mood im in...  YA KNOW?
  7. Hell yeah bro...are those your plants in your profile pic? :hello:
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    Don't listen to much rap and hip hop anymore because my son likes to repeat everything. Love me some wu-tang or biggie, bone thugs. I'm east coast, camden,nj bred. I'm old and stubborn, can't stand this new shit :hippie:
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    Love edm, ill usually put on dash Berlin digital dreams, Craig conelly eyoc mix, or any deadmau5 tracksSent from my Nexus 4 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. yeah man i love the originals..but i really do love underground and independent rap, cant stand mainstream 
  11. fuck yes necro

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  12. Wu
    Tribe Called Quest
    Mobb Deep right now

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  13. All y'all hip hop and no biggie? My favorite thing to do is to roll a nice blunt, sit down, and listen to the king. Juicy, Going Back to Cali, I Love The Dough? Sounds like a good afternoon to me
  14. Reasonable Doubt my favorite album thus my go to
    Elmatic update beats by a live band and dazzling lyricism
    Right now Acid Rap just loving the sound of this one

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