what's on your desk?

Discussion in 'General' started by sokal, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. ...at this very moment. If nothing else, this thread will give you something to do. =P

    -jar with 14g of daaaank
    -little jar with 2g of daaank, but not as dank.
    -pipe with half a damn bowl left in it :eek:
    -white lighter
    -pack of marlboro lights
    -red japanese-ish coffee cup filled with pens, pencils, batteries and coins
    -a box of baking soda
    -empty mountain dew can
    -stereo remote
    -xbox controller and mic
    -plate of 10 little sausage links [like 2 days old]
    -6 empty bottles of water
    -2 empty gatorades
    -a million clock out slips from work
    -school books =P
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    got some condoms wraps under the keyboard, a bag of hot cheeto behind the screen, newport pack, a dub of nasty ass dirt weed, my little bong, ash tray, black lighter, deodorant, couple snap backs, lint roller, my stereo, 5 hour shot, and a penny
  3. um, a folder with some work shit in it, a statue of 2D from Gorillaz, a Yoshi, loose change, and weed.
  4. cup of tea from 2003
    surgical spirits for nape piercing
    some random leftover bud
    cigarette butts and broken lighters
    college books
    irish/english dictionary
    work ID and passport
    and some other random shite
  5. Well, my desktop is out of commission for the time being so im posted up on the coffee table.

    1. Laptop
    2. 2 candles with incense
    3. Cell
    4. bong
    5. xbox remote and headset, 2 tv remotes, 1 dvd remote, 1 cable remote.
    6. roll of beeline
    7. grinder
    8. coasters
    9. half O of some krawnik
  6. 1. Lighter
    2. Eigth of kush :bongin:
    3. Grinder
    4. 1 hitter
    5. Pack of 2 (stale ass) swiss's 2 for a dolla
    6. Coffee pot
    7. Coffe creamer
    8. Sugar
    9. Coffee cup
    10. A bunch of computer shit im not gonna name D:

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