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What's it mean when your throat doesn't burn mywhen you toke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jonhop09, May 28, 2009.

  1. Is it something with the weed or does weed burn less the more you smoke?
  2. It could possible be the weed. Some is more kind than others. But the second is definitely true.
  3. It probably means you've got used to the smoke.
  4. I don't know.

    I've been smoking for 10 years and every time it's different. Most of the time I won't cough. Sometimes I cough and my throat gets a slight irritation. Once in a while I take ONE hit and my throat hurts more than getting kicked in the balls.
  5. it means you have better weed than the last weed you smoked haha
  6. #6 dankers hill SD, May 28, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2009

    WTF????? First off your thread starter doesnt even = english. Second your second question is retarted, of course it burns less the more you smoke it, ITS CALLED CASHING THE BOWL!! errrr maybe you meant when YOU burn you hurt your pansyyy lungs the first time, IDK. Its like a calus, it only gets stronger with wear until you suddenly become old and wellll that shit just tends to happen with old age.
  7. damn, this guy is trippin
  8. "Retarted" is my favorite part.
  9. hahahahaahha forrr shureeeeeee.

  10. Definitly + rep for the laugh. He is, no doubt, no questions asked, trippin'.
  11. Trippin', indeed.
  12. WTF??? i must be trippin if i cant understand: "Re: What's it mean when your throat doesn't burn mywhen you toke?" WTF is "mywhen"? some sort of ching chang chong talk?
  13. yeah bro either you didnt get a good hit or youre just used to it. My throat doesnt hurt when i smoke anymore...
  14. You see kids, this is why we don't drink our own urine.
  15. sorry bro ive never drank my own urine and i have no idea what the side effects are. But thank you for enlightening me.
    I just had to go back and read over all your previous posts to realize that you drink glassfulls of your own urine before posting on here. you should try vitamin water.
  16. wow the poor guy was simply asking us a question, and dankers comes in here makin' him look like a dumbass.

    the more you smoke, the less it burns. at least ive found that to be true for me.
  17. haha i am high as hell and i thought he meant does the weed itself burn less the more you smoke and in my head i was like "no you jackass, you have to burn the weed to smoke it" then i realized does it just burn your throat less... so now i realize that the dumbass is me... but its ok im lit.

    now for my attempt at an answer... different weeds are more or less smooth. dank is usually very smooth. schwag obviously is on the other end of the spectrum but you never know. sometimes dank can be harsh and sometimes schwag can be smooth as hell. i think sore throats has to do with the temp of the smoke and obviously the amount of extra chemicals and shit thats in it. and maybe how much extra air you breath in with your hit.
  18. I think its because your throat gets covered with a thicker spit after you been smoking for a bit and makes a protective layer so it doesn't burn as bad (maybe some of the smoke/resin mixes with the spit in your throat?) but it only happens with certain types of bud.
  19. Is this an English class or a weed forum? FFS, some people just have to pick out the smallest shit to hate on. I understood the title well enough.
    Does anyone know of a cannabis forum for adults? Please let me know if you do. I've tried this forum for a while and even in the seasoned tokers section there is way to much childish bullshit for my liking. So much for weed bringing people together, it's no wonder the herb isn't legal yet. Shit, even the fucktard prohibitionists stick together better than this group.
  20. Keyboard warriors at their finest. Smoke some and chill out. You're just trippin' that's all.

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