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What's it like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by XtZ, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hey guys.

    Just curios, as a non-smoker for now, what's it feel like to be high? Is it REALLY relaxing? Or is it different for different people.

    I've been considering the herb as an alternative for relaxing me. I'd just like another opinion on what it makes you feel.
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    it is different for different people, but yes it is really relaxing. you just kind of get into a groove with everything. you get really into what you're doing, and stuff just takes on a sense of humor, like in a way, everything's kind of funny. and you seem to have a botomless pit for a stomach.

    pretty much the standard stereotype, but it's hard to explain. u won't understand it til you've done it.

    like my man beyond said: don't judge the budz til you smoke em :smoking:
  3. You will get a nice buzzing feeling around your eyes/head, you will be relaxed, laugh more, enjoy music more, you will become hungry, food will taste alot better, you willl be realy happy. its kinda hard to explain, you will enjoy for sure. have fun
  4. like theyve said you have to do it before you can understand it... like, i had alot of ideas what i thought it would be like and i was still blown away when i first tried it. its not like a "fiendish" experience or a drunken stupor... just one of understanding. it opens your mind and for me, changed alot of how i viewed the world, especially politics.

    its like an awakening of sorts...for me its truly a peaceful experience

    you just smoke and slowly melt away into the high... perceptions and sensations are hightened and slightly altered to an almost dreamy state depending on how much you smoke...and then you can laugh your ass off at stupid things and sleep really well!

    are you smoking by yourself or with others? ive found solo toking to be much more pleasurable as of late but its great smoking with others too:]
  5. Exactly like everyone has described above, for me. I also kind of feel like I do when I'm really sleepy, but I still have energy and don't really want to sleep.

    Also, I noticed that my thighs kind of twitch a little bit... kind of weird. lol, but it feels cool.
  6. keeping it simple, it makes everything better
    as you smoke more you might discover that you think in a different way
    not necessarily a stupid way just in an abstract way that might lead you to notice things you never did before
    but dont forget that you might not get high your first time
    so if you decide to try, try until you do get high, then decide if you will continue smokeing
  7. A million people could try and explain it to you, a million different ways and you still would not understand until you tried it. I am not trying to over glamorize it but, in all honesty, words cannot describe it. In a way, I guess you could say it is like turning the intensity up on life.
    Examples: Music is just crisper, food smells, and tastes better, things are funnier, thoughts are (or at least seem to) be deeper. It makes you sleepy, but like someone else said, you still have energy, it can make you not want to move from where your sitting (known as couch lock) and it feels like your glued to your seat.

    Since you said you are a non smoker, I assume you don't know much (real, true) information about Marijuana. I would suggest, using this site and google to look up unbiased information on it. and

    Happy Toking.:smoking:

  8. my thighs usually feel wierd too, like kinda tired after you work them hard

    haha jokes, but yeah the feeling is different for everyone. I used to get the munchies but have calmed down on that, music is always great to listen to. head feels a nice numb feeling. my whole body feels real floppy if im sitting on a couch or something, its awesome. So relaxing
  10. depends on the type of weed, indica makes ur bady numbish i guess and u just wana sit down and watch tv, like on the above the influence commercials

    sativa makes u more hyper, and gives me really, really good ideas. i like sativa better

    either way shits gna be funny for no reason, your gona get really hungry, and music sounds GREAT
  11. man this is what every new toker should do
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    Honestly its one of the most relaxing things to do. Not all ganja is the same though. So you cannot expect to feel the exact same way as the next guy. The first time you try it you may not actually get high. I know I did the first time, but it may not have the same effect on you. You will definitely know when it starts to kick in. If its some real good stuff, you will feel like your elevating. You will be happy and hungry. Theres no hype. It is what it is. Just make sure you do it with some cool people you know. You want your first time to be good.

    Also, check out a Vaporizer. Its more of a healthier way to get high. I recently got a Vapor Genie and I love it. I still have to keep in mind that your a nonsmoker. But if you ever get a chance, try toking up with a Vaporizer.
  13. You might find yourself grinning stupidly at times. Enjoy it. Embrace it.
  14. Like everyone else has said, it depends on the person and as Pat said, you do need to hit the books and get some learning in. It is some pretty interesting stuff

    maybe get yourself a buddy and talk to them about it, but as you have stated, personally it is a relaxing experience, it gets my mind off my troubles and puts me in a good mood

    Stay happy, stay hungry :D haha
  15. hahaha this is so true.

    yesterday me and two friends were walking down the street and I realized we all looked like this :D

    I was trying not to smile sooooo hard but I couldnt get my face back to normal.
  16. Just for my two cents, bro idk how old you are or whatever, but alls i have to say is if you decide to do it, heres a few things i suggest to you for your first time.
    1-get muchies BEFORE you get hi
    2-Make sure you have a non sketchy place to hang out at, like at a friends. Sketchy places, like cops, or just dudes you get a bad vibe from, they can totally ruin the high and make you hate pot.
    3- If your gunna smoke something, and you know how to drag a cigarette enough to were you wont choke, i'd suggest to roll a joint, if you need a lesson on that refer to online or just message me and ill show you pic by pic how to do it. IF you have never took a drag from a cigarette, you put your lips to it, suck on it and inhale whats in your mouth (believe me i KNOW how bad that sounded but thats it haha)
    4-DONT BUY GARBAGE, "if its brown, turn it down" ya heard? Green and orange is what you want. Fluffy green buds, dont let someone try to sell you some shwag n tell u its "dro" bc first of all "dro" is a way to grow weed, ive never seen "Hydro" seeds. (someone correct me if im wrong)
    5-If you got a gf who is either unwilling, or sketchy on the idea of smoking weed and you think you can woaw her to smoke, wait and smoke with her it will be an amazing bonding time (dont mean to be mushy or nothin but weed hightens your sense's and fuvking on weed is prolly one of the most hardest and most beneficial time you'll have). If she absolutelly wont smoke, tell her your helping somone and cant reach your phone, you know her best so make it believeable. Because once again a haisty fight when your hi is another way to get a bad vibe.

    If you wanna know what it feels like dont refer to drinking as a common "High" because its not even close, oh and if your new to smoking DO NOT smoke and drink because uppers and downers need to be mixed in moderation because you will get more fucked up than you have EVER been in your life and i can sign seal and deliver that GUARANTEED.

    Just have fun dude, im 20 and ive been smokin since i was 14, and had alotta awsome times with it, def. not a drug like people, who havent tried it might i ad, have never tried. Oh and buy drinks, they dont say it causes cottonmouth for no reason haha. Peace dude
  17. I agree that if your going to smoke for the first time do it when your not drinking, being stoned for the first time when your completely wasted is not fun.

    I dont know if anyone else gets this feeling but whenever I smoke I think about WHY stuff happens and WHY people say stuff they do, especially when it comes to human actions. I will listen to my friends have a conversation and think there are deeper meanings behind what they are saying. Its very hard to explain but everything is when your stoned. If anyone has even the slightest idea as to what im talking about please back me up lol.

  18. HOLY FUCK YOU ARE AN OVERTHINKER TOO. Dude ALL the time ill be chillin smoking and for exp:

    "hey man you know that girl you seen at the mall, her hair was cool"
    thus she had pink hair
    Then here goes your mind going...hmm i wonder if she brushed that in, gelled it, or its really dyed that color? hahahahaha i know exactlly what your saying

    "Yo your blunt was a little loose"
    you think- "yo wtf does that mean, you want me to stop rollin blunts? Or do you just want to roll one?" lol

  19. hahhahahahahahah, I always thought I was the only one that thought like that. I will just be stoned watching and listening to my friends and its like I can read there emotions and know exactly what they are thinking and why they are saying what they are saying.

  20. LMFAO sorry for jackin the thread but dude for real, i though i was the ONLY person like that too. You listen to your friends and just by tone, or use of grammar, along with the advantage of seeing their expressions unless your not using eye contact, you can tell how theyre feelin. At first i thought i was nuts! I was like dude this stuff REALLY expands your mind holy FUCK! But after a while of just growing up and smoking and having all diff kinds of experiences with it, the only real thing that stuck tride and true wasnt the type of hi(weed wise) but how predictable people are. Once you've seen and analyzed diff. peoples personalities you can quickly read a persons character, mood, willingness, tension level, and maybe if your really good what theyre thinkin haha but while leave that to the REAL phsychics like Miss Cleo lmfao just jokes.
    I just think that weed makes your mind think about things that regularlly would be a common decision or thought into the MOST COMPLEX fucked up things like conspiracies, or hypothesis' that can actually teach you something or discover something that you may have overlooked when you pondered the original thought sober.

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