What's it like? Drunk & High?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Surfer36, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I'll probably be doing this for the first time this weekend, not too sure about it though, should I just stick to getting blazed and only have a few beers... or just go all out? :hello:

    How do you feel? Is it a good experience like being high, or a bad one like when if you smoke too much weed...? (I've smoked so much so fast I was throwing up and was bugging out, I was beyond paranoid and felt pretty insane).


    Of course if i go all out i'll have a hangover... Is it worse or better than the average hangover, if you've been smoking?
  2. its pretty tight...feels awesome... knocks some people out though
  3. If there's anybody out there... I'd probably be the "some people" hahaha.
  4. Getting drigh.

    Feels pretty awesome. 4-5 beers and many bowls. :hello:
  5. Haha everyone is different. For me, if I drink and then toke up I feel like the alcohol intensifies my high. Some people tell me the weed makes them feel more drunk.
  6. Dont get to drunk, if your to drunk then get high it dont settle right. atleast with me it dont settle right so i get a nice buzz on an get high & then its perfect
  7. everyone is different, a lot of people i know get the spins when mixing the two.

    it should be fun tho.
  8. I used to have some good times, but if you ask me getting drunk and smoking is a blast but most often its a waste of weed,
    Nothing better than smoking when your a little buzzed i like having a couple of good beers and having a nice joint and another beer
  9. be spacious with both
    take it easy
    and pace yourself
    its quite a hardcore experience

    i almost feel like im tripping when im drunk and high(almost, without the hallucinations and mindfuck, just the feeling)

    dont drink as much as you do when youre just drinking
    and dont smoke as much as you would when youre just smoking

    smoke and drink a medium amount

    my fav. feeling ever is being hungover and high
    idk why, i just love it
  10. beer then grass your on your ass grass then beer your in the clear. just a little saying to help you not get sick
  11. Drink like 8 beers and smoke a bit and you'll be perfect you might get the spins if you drink anymore. I can drink alot and smoke alot and maybe get the spins but if I puke once i'm good after that.

  12. :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

    it completely kills your hangover!
  13. idk why
    i feel like slightly drunk, but functional and really high
    i love it
    my fav feeling ever

    oh and that saying is bullshit
    you can smoke or drink in w/e fuckin order
  14. If you smoke after drinking too much it'll just make you sick, but after a couple of beers it just kicks things up a notch


  15. i've never had much problems with beer+weed, especially if i blaze before i drink, but if i drink a bunch of hard alcohol then blaze, it could be a bad experience.
  16. i prefer one or the other but it can be fun to mix both. be prepared for the potential spins of course. the spins will def end your night.
  17. its always been true for me unless i only drank a little but if your drunk and you smoke you tend to not know how fucked up your are till its to late
  18. Everythings fuzzy for me lol.

    I just feel fuckin great for a few hours, and then I get very tired.
  19. dude it's dope. you'll have a good time

    and like it has been said, don't drink too much or smoke too much. you'll get the spins and thaaats more or less when it goes downhill
  20. Yeah I'll probably just do that. Smoke a little less than I do when I'm just smoking, and drink a little less than when I'm just drinking. :)

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