whats it like being drunk?

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  1. do you know you are? can you control your self? provide details plz
  2. extremely hard to control your actions. but very fun :D
  3. Not appropriate at all.
    We don't discuss drinking here.
    This is a botany forum!
  4. First time I drank, I got an underage. I definitely couldn't control myself, seeing that I ran...I thought I knew how to run back to my friends house, but I really had no clue. It might be different for other people, but when I got fucked up, I didn't really think, I just did what came to mind first.

    Haven't really got piss drunk since than, not my thing.
  5. you can easily tell if you are drunk. you can control yourself typically unless you over do it. alcohol is like turning your brain down to minimum function with euphoric feelings.
  6. its like every feeling is amplified and everything is hard to do therefore seeing other people drunk when you are drunk is really funny and fun
  7. Well i'm drunk right now and i'm too drunk too tell you what its like. Your just fucked up and UNAWARE of your surroundings. Its as simple as that. You get stupider and stupider as you get more fucked up as well. Thats bout it. Then you black out! :eek:
  8. dont drink beer, just smoke weed

    weed is a natural plant, beer is not

    moral of this post: LEGALIZE IT
  9. get drunk get high get stoned
  10. Hey now...

    I love that first sip of Corona on a Friday night after a long week. But I see what you're saying.

  11. Blissful stupidity.
  12. Dont go overboard on the drinks if its your first time... like dont try to get them down at the same rate as other people.. your night will end up very bad lol.
  13. QFT

    A friend of mine, never been drunk in his life, drank at the same pace as all of us one night and wow that ended up terrible. He broke down in tears telling us how his life sucks compared to ours...

    Was kind of sad at first, then it got annoying after hearing him ramble on for 2 hours. Buzz kill for everyone else.
  14. Something weird I just noticed. Every time I got drunk, I was also high. Wow, so I know what it is to be high and drunk, but not just drink? Amazing how I think when I'm high.
  15. i'm not a fan of being drunk. at all.
    i basically just feel sick/dizzy... and i lose my contacts every single time.

  16. how is beer not natural, you add grain to water, with a little yeast (all natural ingrediants) and let it sit for a year and you have some beer....
  17. lol, you guys are making alcohol seem way more powerful than it actually is, i.m.o.

    In my experience, alcohol just makes me very social and happy. After I drink, it is not as if I don't know where I am at or why I am there, I just don't bother to ask myself those questions. It doesn't take you into a different world or anything, but it enhances the life around you. I just go along with what happens around me. You usually have control over your body functions, minus walking in a straight line. It's not as if you body can suddenly stand up on its own or punch someone in the face without you even knowing. Overall, I love alcohol. If you have never been drunk before, I highly suggest trying at least once. I remember I was scared my first time because I thought it made you lose all body functions and state of mind, but it truly does not. You will discover that you still think normally, and that you just feel pretty good about yourself. Although, you may say somethings that you usually would not have sober. That is one of the downsides, but if your not piss-drunk, it's not to hard to control.

    but my perception could be different from another fellow blade, to all his own i guess
  18. wait wait wait.

    OP are you telling me you have never been drunk?

    How old are you?
  19. QFT

    I'm the same way man.
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    Some people get all retarded when they drink. I think its because they are weird or immature already and they use alcohol as an excuse to act like a retard.

    These are people you shouldnt hang out with period.

    He is probably Mormon. I can tell there are a lot of them on this board. You get negative rep from 3 people every time you say the word.

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