Whats in your wallet today?

Discussion in 'General' started by nikidog11, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. Liberals dont care about your sex life, they want your money.

    Conservatives dont care about your money, they want to know about your sex life,

    Me Id rather not know about either
  2. Um. My atm card. My license. No money. A coupon. Alot of business cards. My friend's prom picture. A library card. An old condom that I never plan on using. And my school id.
    I thought this was a thread to tell what you had in your wallet. And I shall not be foiled!
  3. i got lots......

    $162. american
    lottery quick pics
    dentist appt card.
    friends business card
    work scheduleatm recipts
    atm caed
    credit card
    fake id
    school id
    bar vip card
    red cross cpr certif.
    pba card
    health benefit card
    3 pay stubbs
    some stupid modells card

    i got bored so i emptied it out.....

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  4. Cool I can just make out your ATM numbers ill let you know how I make out,

  5. 1 dollar
    some change
    a movie pass
    and 3 condoms
  6. $32
    a check for $25
    A $1,000,000 bill with my friends pic on it from when he ran for class treasurer
    A fake $1 from project graduation
    ticket stubs from every movie I've seen in the last year and a half
    a ticket stub from when I got to see bob dylan in concert which in order is LOTR (with megan), black hawk down (with amanda), spiderman (lots of friends), sum of all fears (stacy), scooby doo (stacy), star wars episode 2 (julie), reign of fire (stacy), minority report (stacy I think), xXx (Stacy), signs (Stacy), signs (again with other friends), red dragon (stacy I think), harry potter 2 (julie and kelly), die another day (my guy friends), two towers (stacy and some ofour friends), maid in manhattan (abby), maid in manhattan (again with abby because she had woman problems the first time), drumline (stacy), the recruit (friends from school), phone booth (brian), identity (brian and kate), basic (friends from school), reloaded (julie, megan, and danya), reloaded (guy friends), reloaded (stacy), Down with love (abby and another megan)
    a calling card
    a copy card (damn machines at school don't take cash)
    fishing license
    driver license
    school id
    library card
    check card
    insurance card
    a gold piece of paper from when I painted the wheels of my bike gold
    senior pics of julie, stacy, patti, megan, tiffany, kelly, stephanie, amanda, and a prom pic of me and kelly
    phone numbers of all those girls and a few more
    an insurance card
    draft card
    rolling papers
    dairy queen free ice cream tokens
    receipt of transaction at bank
    the number of a friend of a friend who can possibly get me pot
    a kroger card
  7. student id
    bike lock key
    house key
    library card
    waldenbooks gift card
    blockbusters card
    piece of paper w/ movies i want to see
    piece of paper w/ my "oh so important" phone numbres
    rolling papers (real ones and the bubble gum wrappers)
    bus pass
    5 bucks
    free bowling card
    locker combo
    8 crazy nights movie stub (w/ corners torn off for roaches)
  8. don't have a wallet. got pockets tho'

    cell-phone (gotta get a new one, it's starting to die on me)
    tobacco, papers and hash
    2 lighters (ya never know when one quits)
    atm/visa card
    discount card at the local bar :D
    100$ (750NOK) plus change

    i don't have a wristwatch either.

  9. i purposly didn't include that in the pic for that reasonn...;)
  10. suprisingly it's really not that big. I hate big wallets. It does start to get thick when I come home from serving and have a bunch of ones to stick in it.
  11. I have uh... money, or not.
  12. I have a note in mine that says BROKE..

    Looks like I might have to rob the piggy bank! LOL
  13. i have 20$, newspaper article about my busted dealer (whos charges recentlly got dropped due to illegal police shit) arbutus club card, rogers card, drivers license, rollies, a tiny nug of weed to keep my wallet smelling fresh, and a reciept i use to bill shitting rolled doobs.
  14. I don't use a wallet. i just stuff my pockets with some cash and set out on my way.
  15. i have £62.55, 2 condoms different flavas (strawberry & banana), various cards i.e. bank card, king size zig zags and about a gram of skunk. :)
  16. I don't use a wallet. i just stuff my pockets with some cash and set out on my way.


  17. and it's soo practical. a wallet is just a holding place for useless junk anyways.

  18. i started using my wallet again recently because whenever i take stuff out wid me and just leave it in my pocket i usually tend to lose somthing, atlest with a wallet u know everything is safe and when you need to take somthing out nothing goes missing,

  19. lol, right. i'm down to about 30$... and only 3 days since the last post. goddamn. and i won't get a filler of cash till friday. a what the hell. i had fun with my cash :D
  20. my wallet is filling with 5's and 1's from working as a server. I need to go to the bank and deposit some of these small bills.

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