Whats In Your Pockets?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tas BB, May 8, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I dont know about you but my pockets are always full, ive always got certain things i carry with me at me

    IPod Nano (in leather case)
    Ear Phones
    Mobile Phone
    Stash Tin
    Zig Zags (king size)
    and my knife

    What avout you guys, what do you carry with you at all times?

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  2. right now i have my....
    wallet(Drivers license, $45, school id, fake id, atm card, and lucky fortune cookie fortune)
    Fire Dept Pager
    zig zags
  3. roach
    wallet w/ 106 bux, zigzags, ID
  4. Always gotta have...

    -visine (never know)
    -Cash (not kept in wallet)
  5. my pockets regularly containe
    wallet-usually no money lol. or if there is it will be spent within a few mins
    cell phone
    thats all i need all day long lol
  6. - Wallet
    - Cellphone
    - Keys
    - At least an eight
    - Lighter
    - Knife (not always)
    - Pill bag (ziplock of a few random things)
  7. wow quick replys, how bout a few pics?
    • Lighter
    • rolled-joint (usually always got one on me)
    • papers (either 'Raw', 'Zig-zag', 'Tribal')
    • wallet w/chain
    • keys
    Used to carry a grinder. But i lost it. And fuck cellphones, i'll never have one. They're annoying. I keep my stash at home, don't carry.
  8. To lazy to pic....

    Wallet (Made of hemp, kind of made for stoner's, it has a secret compartment where I hide shit)
    Naphcon-A Eye Drops for red eyes and allergies
    Pencil (for writing shit down)
  9. pack of smoke a lighter,cell phone, seeds, money
  10. right now:

    wallet, phone, keys, change, 5 valium, one perc, lighter.
  11. 30 cents and a red sox lighter
  12. No pockets atm, Im not dressed yet. But ussually:
    grass, no more than a 1/4
    psp for music and videos
  13. Pocket Knife
    2 packs of zig zags
    2 lighters
    1.50 in quarters
    and a recipt for cupcakes :smoking:
  14. Money Clip
    Motorola e398 (Modded to be a mix between a Razr, Rokr, and a Slvr [software wise])
    Dorm Room Keys
    Volkswagen Switchblade Key (Keys to my '03 Turbo New Beetle)
    Visine Advance Relief (I wonder why...)
    A few reciepts from various stores
    and Sometimes a pack of Zig Zags...

    -Antwan L.
  15. right now:
    wallet (no money...)
    cell phone
    2 lighters
    a few pens
    altoids tin with about 1/8th in it
    a nick i got today
    my chillum
    a couple carmex tins
    cough drops
    20 adderal 30's
    and some mints...

    damn, thats a lot of stuff...
  16. Wallet- $23 dollars, Driver ID, School ID, ATM Card, Picture of my Girl
    Ipod Nano w/ earphones
    Mechanical Pencil
    Quarter of Dank (double wrapped cuz its so stinky)
  17. Wallet,
    Switchblade in right upper pants pocket,
    Flip knife in upper left pocket,
    my CCG spoon,
    Marb lights,
    Car Keys,

    ...Yeah, that's it.


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