Whats in your pocket?

Discussion in 'General' started by tdb63, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Right now..whats in your pocket? Not a purse or wallet.

    I've got a blue Bic lighter, my small dugout, $.47 in change and a $5 bill.
  2. My hands.

    I type well with my feet
  3. My phone, rail pass, and i-Inhale vaporizer
  4. Cell, Pokemon game :)D) pen, some change, and a pocket knife o.o
  5. [​IMG]

    That's what I just took out of my pockets.
  6. Phone, ipod, and some money (bills and change)
  7. half of a keyboard came outta your pocket :confused:?

    and some of your toes
  8. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  9. my wallet, my phone, and a blue pen :cool:
  10. and a couple toes?
  11. Well, not a fuckin thing. :)
  12. I'm not wearing any pants and thus don't have any pockets for things to be in. :ey:
  13. No pockets on this B-day suit.
  14. About an 1/8 and a marble sized piece of hash
  15. im wearing boxers.:p no pockets here.
  16. I was actually unaware of how much shit I had in my pockets until I saw this thread.

    I fell asleep in my clothes carrying nothing but my Wallet and the Steel Utility Blade, but I guess I threw in a biiit more than I needed this morning. My Med Bag I just threw in there because I've been lugging the bugger all over town with me today and this is my way of getting back at it.



  17. For some weird reason i hate things in my pockets,if i buy a pepsi and get a dime and a penny back ill just put them in the little change donate cup thingy.
  18. I'm the same way with coins. They either occupy a very special nook on the floor of my car for the next owners to find or I pass them off to someone else.

    Must be subconscious...

  19. cell phone

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