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Whats in your Bag?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theglasscouch, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. So if you're like me you have a bag/ backpack that comes with you almost everywhere. I'm a man so i guess you could call it a man purse but whatever. So if you have one of these bags whats in it? I'll post first, pictures are welcome.
    My back pack contains:
    -books/magazines i'm currently reading
    -my journal where i write personal shit
    -Jojoba and tea tree oil for my ears
    -Patchouli oil to mask any stinky smells:p
    -nasal spray lolol
    -Eye drops
    -My knife in case i need to cut a fool
    -phone charger
    -pens and sketchbook
    -crown royal bag containing reefer,pipe and lighter sometimes cigarettes
    -some cliff bars or some food
    -Maybe alcohol depending on the day;)
    So Lets hear what my fellow blades have got in their man purses or normal woman purses:D
  2. Why do you carry all that? I just carry my wallet, keys, and maybe a lighter. But Nasal spray?
  3. I got into the habit while on a bit of a wild spree this summer and would be away from "home" for days at a time so i would carry everything with me and i've kept doing it it's pretty useful also i dont have a car soo. Nasal spray because i take certain medication that makes my nose bleed all the fucking time and using nasal spray is better than having a river of blood coming from your face:rolleyes:. And yes Im badass like indiana jones
  4. P.S.:home is in quotations because i really didn't have a home but was living on someones couch.
  5. I only use one when I day trip places. Usually has bud and necessary smoking tools, chap stick, sunscreen to protect me from those Cali rays, and a hat of some sort.
  6. I used to have one of them satchels but my friends kept calling it a handbag so stopped wearing it..

    to answer your question OP, i don't have a bag just a money box for my skins etc.
  7. Never have a backpack unless its for a specific place, leave most of that kind of stuff in my car
  8. I have two backpacks.

    - One if for university, carrying text books and writing utencils and stuff.

    - The other is my stoner backpack. Bong, spare lighters & pieces, papers, weed, and sometimes a bag of cheetos.

    You could say I lead a secret double life as a stoner. I have a lot of friends who don't smoke and although they know I smoke, they don't know I smoke allll da time. ;)
  9. ahaha i'm the same man alot of my friends think i'm just a normal dude who doesnt smoke or drink. little do they know i'm walkin around with a bag full of wonderful literature, reefer and a fifth of liquor not to mention the nasal spray
  10. box cutter; novel to read; nug jug; dugout pipe; light rain shell; extra lighter; rolling papers; keys; a few lotto tix; day planner; notebook; 2 water bottles; eyedrops; 3 q-tips; 2 lollipops; napkins. and i think thats it.
  11. Wallet, keys, lighter, cigarettes, chap stick, phone
  12. If i may be so bold why the box cutter the q-tips and lollipops? Im diggin all the feedback.

  13. box cutter is just a conveniently super-sharp pocket knife. its a compact gerber model about 2in x 1.25in x .3in.

    q-tips are for unmentionable activity LOL

    lollipops are chili-covered tamarindo that i picked up in mexico while waiting in the customs line. theyve ridden in my bag for about a fortnight.
  14. Unmentionable activity OKAY;)
  15. knife, ski mask, old rag, chloroform

    Oh, I thought you said something else.
  16. I find a fresh new rag works best with chloroform just my 2 sense though lolol
  17. I actually don't use bags, they're a waste of space. You don't actually need all of those things.

    See, I have a thing called POCKETS. Phone in right, keys left, wallet right butt.

    When going ILLEGAL I store pipe left, weed right (or knee level pockets) and lighter in my hat.

    That's LOGIC
  18. My laptop, smoke, headphones, iphone, hoodie
  19. i don't have a bag just a money box for my skins etc. [​IMG]

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