whats happeningto my babies

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  1. so this first plant is sposed to b a sour diesel clone i got from a dispensery. for some reason the leaves are gettin these white spots then lookin a lil burnt. also i thought SD was a sativa. this plant has nothin but fat leaves with 5 blades...isnt that an indica trait.

    now this second plant is just some mexi bag seed but its been thru hell and still turned female. well the bottom leaves on this plant started curlin under. the top leaves look alright to me. i tucked the bigger fan leaves under the node growths so the could get light.

    i grow in foxfarm ocean forest
    i have four 4' 32watt daylight floro tubes as sidelightin
    i have four 26 watt Cfls on top
    temp stays 79-86 degrees
    humidity stays 40%
    nutes are a drop of superthrive per gallon with 1/4 teaspoon maxi grow
    all water ph to 6.8
    lights on 24/7
    growing in basement in an open Osb plywood box
    small fan blowin 24/7

    if you need any other info just let me know. all help is appreciated!!!

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  2. Looks like some type of burn maybe from your lights or foliage spray burn? I had the same problem and that's what I was told.

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