What's good GC?!

Discussion in 'General' started by stoner_lukas, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hey guys :smoke:

    Haven't been on in a while, just wanted to stop in and say hello. I'll probably be around a bit more now. Finished grad school and spent a couple months in the homeland (Israel). Pretty stoked to be back, start my new job, restore my grow, and start making that paper again!

    Lots of new posters here. Hope ya'll ain't all trolls :p
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucYDhOV3WqY]YouTube - Welcome Back - Mase with Lyrics[/ame]
  3. Welcome back!!!! Ahhhhhhh you have no idea how much I missed you :( I worried about your safety back in Israel and when you stopped responding to my emails I didn't know what to think.

    The resident Doctor is back :p welcome back Dr. Lukas :D
  4. I noticed you were gone and was wondering where you went, welcome back
  5. nice man, ive always wanted go to to israel

  6. I was worried for my safety too haha. Those Palestinian Muslims tend to really dislike us Palestinian Jews. I'm sorry that I worried you though! That was pretty shitty of me.

    Thanks man :smoke:
  7. Ive always liked this song. I remember when it came out on MTV when I was like in 8th grade lol.

    Welcome back though mane. :cool:
    We never met but Im GA, What up? :wave:
  8. this,:wave:
    congrats on finishing grad school, i know it took a lot of effort from you
  9. Good to see you back bruh..how ya been:wave:

  10. been pretty good as of recent man. i definitely needed that break i took. this past year has been stressful as shit. but i'm all rejuvenated now and ready to get back to my life :D
  11. Welcome back :D
  12. Hey man! Good to see you.

    I must have missed the boat somewhere, but what did you study in Grad School?

  13. What's up Durchii?

    I studied neurobiology. Going the research route rather than the medical route at this time though
  14. :hello:

    GC's resident hottie with brains has returned
    You were missed :)
  15. Welcome back, dude. Best of luck re-adjusting to the current GC, lol.
  16. Welcome back, Mr. Lukas! It's good to have you around these parts again! :D
  17. Hi. I'm RDma7x. Nice to meet you. :wave:

    If your really a resident doctor, I might have a few Q's.
  18. Welcome back my friend :wave:

  19. Not sure how that title transfered from you to me :smoke:

    All of you guys were missed too. I only had my brother to talk to for a few months, and he's not that intelligent :laughing:

    Uh oh. I guess I'll have to pay closer attention to what's different about this current GC. I just noticed all these new people, and some banned friends :(

    Thanks JD :D

    Hey man :wave:

    Ask away. The weed hasn't made me forget everything yet haha

    Thanks for the welcome. How's that chemistry treating you? I'm glad I never have to take a chem class ever again!
  20. I was wondering if we would ever see you around here again....

    Good to have you back, though.

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