What's going to happen to my new girl ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Salfal, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. So I have a young plant maybe 4.5inches tall and I accidentally sniped off part of the top leaves. What will happen now will it still grow or can it die from this should I trim off the excess piece of stem ??


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  2. I don't know for sure so this is just an opinion but I think it will be okay

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  3. Do you think I should cut the stem off?
    The part that comes out a bit ?

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  4. Your plant will be fine. It's just going to open up room for new growth
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  5. You FIMd the plant. I see 3 nodes so thos little leave on the side of the top will grow bigger and youll probably end up with a few more collas. It might have been a little too early but only time will tell. If you want an even canopy and only 2 collas then cut the rest of it off and make sure it is as close to the base of the stem as you can. Im sure it will be fine

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  6. Should be fine. You took a little more then you should if you were topping. It'll probably be stunted for a couple days or so but afterwards it should grow like a topped plant IIRC
  7. Just look up topping a plant. Thats pretty much what you did

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  8. Yes leave enough though so it looks like a topped plant
    like this

    Basically the 2 shoots coming off will turn into your main top growths now

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