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  1. What's up blades I've got some great ladies going in Canna Coco using FloraNova and earthjuice cal N mag as well as the earth juice brand PH Down strains are blue berry, Louie OG X platinum OG , strawberry diesel coffin cut X plat. OG, and a plat. OG X with purple kush under 8 T5 bulbs I've been developing this brown powder Idk wtf it is? And I've been experienceing sick problems although my PH is going in @ 5.6 and coming.out 5.7-5.8 , 5.9.
    Yet some new shoots continue.to die please look over the pics I've provided and please message me with some info! Thanks Blades!

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  2. What are your ppms going in? Floranova is hot. It took me a bit to work up to seedling strength in grow. And bloom is just barely over seedling strength now.
  3. May I ask why u use both floranova and earth juice? Jw cuz I chose EJ for my current

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