Whats going on tonight with you People for New Years?

Discussion in 'General' started by SplitGenetics, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. So whats going on tonight with you people, whats good for tonight? Anybody actually doing something fun tonight? I'm just taking it easy this year, have a couple brews and smoke a couple bowls and just chill, watch a movie or something. I did make a firecracker with .5 grams of permafrost and purple sour d, that should add a little twist to the night hopefully..
    Anyway, I hope everybody has a safe and awesome night tonight! :) Happy New Year's Eve all
  2. Probably nothing besides drinking an epic amount and smoking...:rolleyes:
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    Came to Nashville to have a fucking party. Its all my brothers friends and shit and its like 7 hours away from where I live but I kicked it with them a few days ago and it was badass. Dude smoked me out and shit, and tonight there's gonna be at least 50+ people at the house. A grip of fuckin drugs and shit man some kegs and like 15 bottles of liquor no shit. I'm pretty fucking stoked, I usually don't party and shit, its not my scene but my bro wanted me to come so why not?
  4. Hanging out with the family. Decided to make new years interesting so I finished a few grams of magic fungii, now just waiting for the walls to start melting ;)

    Happy new year!
  5. Hold up... what do yo mean YOU PEOPLE??
    Jk, I'm just taking it easy tonight. I get fucked up enough every other night. Nothing special about new years.
  6. :mad: there's a rager going on here and i can't go cuz i just got my wisdom teeth pulled
  7. [quote name='"macYWF"']:mad: there's a rager going on here and i can't go cuz i just got my wisdom teeth pulled[/quote]

    What you think the pharmacy for dude?!
    Pop a bottle and make a cameo to smoke your friends weed then dip and catch a nod.
  8. not really sure tbh. could go either way but id rather just prefer to chill with a friend or two and maybe some family (high as fuck of course). not really interested in going to a party, do enough of that at school
  9. I'm going to mushroom mountain, its gonna be fucking great very unexpected but let's do this.
  10. Having a buddy over, drinkin some drink, smoking some smoke. Just the usual.

    Maybe have a few girls over to start off the new year right!
  11. I think I may do the same as well, OP. I may go out, not sure though.
  12. I want to get high but I can't.
  13. Idk it's like 7:30 here and there's a party like 10 minutes away from me my friend invited me to but I don't really feel like going out tonight. Maybe I'll hang with a few friends later

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