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  1. I have not a clue what's going wrong because all the rest of my plants are doing great in the same conditions....someone help diagnose the problem please.....I really think I'm going to just pull them....but I don't want to regret it.....they are 9 1/2 weeks in flower at this point....and very limited and scattered trichs.....and what up with the white spots on the remaining fan leaves? Thought mold but it don't wipe off or anything




  2. I say bugs. Thrips probably. You can use mighty wash, about $15 a bottle, right up til chop. Or I hear hotshot pest strips work, but have never personally used them. Thrips this late into flower wont affect much, long as you plan on this being a personal stash.
  3. looks more like spider mites to me Might as well just trash that Grow Theres no bud on that plant at all. and now looks like spider mites so now your only option would be to make Hash or something
  4. Fuck those spidermites.
  5. Is that the same theory knowing only one of those 2 have it.....and none of my other strains do?
  6. It looks like it might have been over fertilized. Looks like every single leaf has burned curled tips. The last pic shows that there are hardly any calyxes forming. At 9 1/2 weeks the buds should be near finished, and they look like they are barely starting to show. Have you tried flushing it?
  7. Theres something definetely sucking the leaves juices as you can see the thousands of suck marks, and i see bugs on it
  8. Yeah I have flushed and stuff....but not in a couple weeks....it basically did that within 2 days.....how can I tell if it is mites? I mean what do I look for? The only reason I question mites is because it is only attacking 1 plant and I have a total of 7 in there (all different strains) if it is mites does it attack and leave that much damage within a couple days?
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    I posted this earlier for someone, you may find it of use...

  10. Fluffykush.....I clipped an entire bud off last night so I could get a closer look.....when I dig in deeper I see the thrichs.....they are small much smaller then any of the others on my good plants.....but they are there.....still clear as well of course....everytime I go to pull them....somethin happens that gives me some hope for them...like startin to get some smell to them....and now seeing the trichs....whatcha think?
  11. Djs....very very informative.....ithe oly thing I just done understand is why only one plant? Why not the other one of the same strain
  12. They are feeding for their needs, once the goodness in that plant is gone 9 times out of 10 they'll move onto another one, I've never actually had pest issues so I haven't really looked into it... Best of luck and get them gone ASAP...
  13. Anything anyone would suggest using for mites during flowering?....do you think if I pull them now it will benifit my others?
  14. look underside of the leaves and see if you can spot those tiny mites. if you see mites, use Azamax.
  15. Its mites,and to much fert in the soil
  16. Ok now the most important question.....should I treat all of my plants or only ones showing damage?
  17. Id like to tell you all thanks for helping! You guys were 100% correct.....I had the mites.....I pulled those guys right out of there and treated the rest of my plants as well as spider bombing my room.....all the rest of them are lookin great! So thanks
  18. You beat those little bastards, well done, it's a hard battle

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