Whats GC up to tonight? Mad fucked up

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Hexagon minDZZ, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. So ive had a great day/night!

    Around 4pm I walked into my local headshop and picked up a 7mm 18" 8 arm percolated HVY GonG bong.

    Then at about 12 I got a call from my dude saying i could get a zip of some FUNKK for $300 so i jumped right on that.

    I was smoking with one of my boys on campus and he said he'd trade .3 of some FIRE molly for an eighth!

    Haha my roommates asleep right now and im wanting to blast some fucking daft punk duddede.. fuck

    I snorted .1 and ate .2 and im feeling fucking amazing and wanna talk!!

    Whats Pandoras up to tonight? Show some lovee!!!:p:smoking:
  2. I might bust out the mdma tomorrow where are good places to go when your rolling?
  3. I love just chillin on campus smoking a bunch of bud. But its really fun at like parties and stuff.
  4. smoked a fat joint, drinkin a miller, and studying for an econ test in the morning.

    damn what a combination.
  5. Yeah dude i have a calculus test at 11:45 EST and i dosed this molly at like 1:30. haha i hope i make it!:eek:
  6. Opiated, rollin joints of this sativa, Flyin' High.

    :smoke: :wave:
  7. Just go back from a business trip to yuma, CWE'd 50mg's hydrocodone to relax a little bit
  8. opiates benzos coke weed

    also fuckin sick day bro. how much did that bong run you?

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