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What's for dinner?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by oldskoolgrower, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. For a change I don't feel like cooking. I'm going to go get Chinese take out. There's a place near me that does REAL authentic Szechuan cuisine. I'm getting the beef tendons in spicy oil, tan tan noodles, and tea smoked duck.
  2. I love it
  3. I usually hang birds for a day to let them bleed out, so I guess it's never 'fresh', but that's just how I roll. Of course that's game birds, not chickens. Ducks, geese, grouse, etc.
  4. :wave: hehe that'd be awesome, Chicago hot dogs too :smoke:

  5. chicago dogs are my fav! no doubt

    ^tonight's dinner :smoke:
  6. ay what dat is?

    feeling sick
    maybe tomato soup and a cheese toasty
    or some soup and sandwich combo.
  7. Tacos and fried jalapeños

    For my wifey anyway I am sick and am not hungry....
  8. juss hit up the drive thruu
  9. Having 'fishermans clam chowder' tonight from local seafood dinery.
  10. ForumRunner_20121006_220743.png

    Decided on chicken tortilla soup. No sandwich needed. It was delicious with whole wheat crackers and a little string cheese on the side.
  11. Kung Pao chicken :smoke: :yummy:
  12. Sausage and mushroom pan pizza.
  13. [​IMG]

    Skipping right to dessert ;)

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  14. [quote name='"MrThoughtCrime"']

    Skipping right to dessert ;)[/quote]

    I like your style

    I had lasagna and salad, it was pretty awesome.
  15. ForumRunner_20121007_204217.png
    Homemade chicken noodles and corn bread

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  16. vodkaa and keyshots
  17. Its colds outside.

    Chili, corn bread and roasted acorn squash drizzled with real maple syrup, butter & a dash of salt.
  18. Soft shell tortilla

    1 cup of shredded cheese
    1 cup chilli
    Half cup honey mustard Fritos
    Add 1 spice you like
    Fry on stove

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    Great looking Tortilla Soup. :hello::hello: I drool over that stuff so I actually was thinking of it Saturday. Went to the Market and got fresh poblano's to roast and made a pot of Mexican Tortilla Soup. It comes out more stew than soup and it's great. Tonight I'll take a picture of the remainder of the pot.
  20. a roasted chicken stuffed with an onion, garlic and a bouquet garni. Rubbed with lots of delectable and aromatic spices.

    Carrots in a ginger beer glaze, tossed with parsley.

    Mashed potatoes with caramelized leeks.


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